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Unfold: Japan Episode 1 with Asahi Super Dry


Unfold: Japan is a celebration of the many innovative strands of Japanese club culture with Asahi Super Dry beer. Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy will be unfolding a different sound across four shows, with expert guests dropping in for interviews, live sessions and DJ sets. Show 1 shines a spotlight on house and techno with Satoshi Tomiie, Yumiko Ohno (Buffalo Daughter), Gilles Peterson, Sunaga t Experience and Toshio Matsuura.

On 26th April, Asahi Super Dry and CRACK Magazine present Unfold in London for a party with Saphire Slows and or:la. [Find our more about the four event series across the UK]

Satoshi Tomiie (Abstract Architecture)

Satoshi Tomiie has been a pioneering and driving force within the global electronic music community since the early days of house music. Now, decades after his ‘Tears’ alongside Frankie Knuckles, the Japanese born, New York and Paris based DJ, producer, remixer and label boss is still regular feature in the sets of many of today’s underground elite. A student of jazz and classical piano, Satoshi is musically adept and accomplished producer who constantly evolved how he works. Experimenting with a new hybrid Modular DJ setup which sees him effortlessly fuse live analogue modular synthesis and with traditional DJ sets. Regularly playing clubs such as DC10, Rex and from South America to Tokyo while releasing music on labels such as YoY, Yoyakuza, Kaoz Theory, No19, MFR, Holic, and his own Abstract Architecture. Satoshi is as relevant as ever and continues to make waves throughout the electronic music community as only he knows how.

Yumiko Ohno (Buffalo Daughter)

Buffalo Daughter is a three member group consisting of Sugar Yoshinaga, Yumiko Ohno and MoOoG Yamamoto, often augmented by a drummer and other guests. Their sound is heavily influenced by German progressive rock and techno pop, but also includes bits of dub, club, shoe gaze and post-rock influences. Given their mix and match style, and that they emerged in the mid-90s, they are often considered as part of the Shibuya-kei movement. When the American group Luscious Jackson were touring in Japan they met Buffalo Daughter, and favorably impressed with their music, passed samples along to the their label honchos at the Beastie Boys own Grand Royal Records. As a result Buffalo Daughter signed with Grand Royal in 1996. The band has released their albums and toured internationally since then.

In 1997 Grand Royal followed with a remix EP, with Buffalo Daughters remixed by the likes of Alec Empire, Money Mark and U.N.K.L.E. Also in 1997 Buffalo Daughter played Grand Royal events in London and Paris with labelmates Ben Lee, BIS and Luscious Jackson. In 1998 the band returned with the new studio album “New Rock”, and toured the US and Europe with Money Mark. They also performed at the Tibetan Freedom Festival in Washington DC in June 1998 along with the Beastie Boys, Radiohead, REM, Sonic Youth and Herbie Hancock. In 2013, Buffalo Daughter released their 20th anniversary best album “ReDiscoVer. Best, Re-recordings and Remixes of Buffallo Daughter.”  In 2019, 2 albums “Pshychic” and “Euphorica” are going to be reissued on vinyls. 8th album this autumn.

Tatsuo Sunaga(Sunaga t experience)

Sunaga t experience is DJ/Producer works including solo unit by Tatsuo Sunaga. Tatsuo Sunaga runs regular DJ events both in and outside Japan. Is also known as Jazz critics and has regular writings. Famous globally as Jazz record collector. Released over 200 works including compilations, producer works, international remix and etc. The newest products are “Jazz All Nighters of VEE JAY”, “Bethlehem Jazz All Nighters” and “World Standard 09″. Has close relationship with SCHEME label from Italy and RICKY-TICK label from Finland.

Toshio Matsuura

DJ/Radio Presenter/Event Producer. Founding member of United Future Organization (U.F.O.) which was formed in 1990. The collective established the beginning of Japanese club culture, and released 5 full albums in 32 countries which gained a massive reputation in 12 years. After leaving U.F.O. in 2002, he has continued to play as a solo DJ at clubs and festivals internationally and currently produces events and supervises music for notable fashion brands.

He has remixed many high profile artists in a wide range of genres, such as James Brown, Astor Piazzolla, Gotan Project and Melanie De Biasio. In 2013, he gathered talented and forward-thinking artists based in Tokyo to produce a project called “HEX,” which presents Tokyo’s progressive form of Jazz to the world and was released from Blue Note Records worldwide. His latest project “Toshio Matsuura Group” gathered radical musicians from UK and performed at Worldwide Festival in 2018. He has a weekly show called “TOKYO MOON” on InterFM897, a popular Japanese FM station, and “WW TOKYO” 1st & 3rd Monday of every month broadcasting 11:00-13:00 (GMT) on Worldwide FM.

Gilles Peterson

Radio presenter, club DJ, label owner, and the founder of Worldwide FM.


Listen now Tracklist

Manabu Shimada – Pieces For Her No.7 (Opener) [Sounds et al]
Satoshi Tomiie – Bassline [Defected Radio Records]
Satoshi Tomiie & Frankie Knuckles – Tears [FFRR]

Satoshi Tomiie & Rintaro – Miro [YoY]
Satoshi Tomiie – 65 Hz [Unreleased]
A_A – Final Game [Unreleased]
Satoshi Tomiie & Rintaro – FRZ [Abstract Architecture]
Joe Armon-Jones – Starting Today (Satoshi Tomiie 101 Dub Edit) [Unknown]

Gilles Peterson
Ryo Kawasaki -Trinkets & Things [Unreleased]
UFO – Loud Minority [Talkin’ Loud]
Spiritual Vibes – Scheme Supreme [Toy’s Factory]
Midori Takada – Crossing [RCA Red Seal]
Illion – Dream Play Sick [Warner Music Japan]

Buffalo Daughter – Golden Leaves (Feat. Pismo) [Buffalo Ranch]
Buffalo Daughter – Super Blooper [Grand Royal]
Buffalo Daughter – Peace [V2 Records Japan]
Buffalo Daughter – Psychic A-Go-Go [V2 Records Benelux]

Sunata T Experience – Yureru [White Label]
Tim Grove – Roy the King [Wah Wah 45s]

One to Watch by Toshio Matsuura
Toshio Matsuura Group – At Les [Brwonswood Recordings]
222 – Song 10 [Forthcoming]

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