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Gilles Peterson: Stanley Cowell Tribute


Tune in as Gilles Peterson pays tribute to the pianist Stanley Cowell. Cowell’s career spanned 6 decades and he played alongside some of the greatest jazz players of the times – perhaps most notably with the Heath Brothers, but also with Bobby Hutcherson, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Gary Bartz, Max Roach and lifelong friend Charles Tolliver among many others.

As well as being a revered piano player and composer, Cowell co-founded with Tollliver, the now legendary Strata-East record label, providing a vital platform for artists pushing the sound of jazz in new directions. Although it was short-lived, this label is emblematic of Cowell’s attitude to nurturing musical talent, something he also demonstrated through his 19 year teaching career at New York’s Lehman College.

After a break from touring in the 80s and having retired from his teaching post, Cowell returned to live performance and performed a week long residency at the Village Vanguard in 2015.

Tune in to hear Gilles’s tribute to the late great Stanley Cowell from 9am on Monday 21st December.

Listen now Tracklist
stanley cowell – travellin’ man      musa 1973 (stata east)
stanley cowell – air dancing       we three    1987    (DIW)
bill lee – nola vocals   she’s gotta have it soundtrack 1986    (island)
jack dejohnette – equipoise    the dejohnette complex   1969  (milestone)
stanley cowell trio – maimoun    illusion suite   stanley clarke jimmy hopps   1973   (ecm)
2 banks of 4 – brilliant circles     worldwide exclusives    2004 (talkin’ loud)
music inc – brilliant circles    music inc   1971    (strata east)
charles tolliver music inc – effi      live in tokyo   1974    (strata east)
charles tolliver music inc – round midnight        live in tokyo      1974   (strata east)
bobby hutcherson – the creators     Now!       1970    (blue note)
roy haynes – vistalite     vistalite      1979    (galaxy)
stanley cowell – I’m trying to find a way    new world 1979   (galaxy)
heath brothers – smilin billy suite (pt 1)    Marchin’ on    1976   (strata east)
sonny rollins – a house is not a home (    the cutting edge 1974  ( live in montreux)  (milestone)
stanley cowell – winter reflections    we three      1987     (DIW)
max roach – abstactions       members don’t get weary     1968   (atlantic)
gary bartz – dark nebula       another earth    1969     (milestone)
stanley cowell – celestial women featuring bruce williams     no illusions    2017    (steeplechase)       bruce williams
art pepper – mambo koyama       art pepper today    1978   (galaxy)
clifford jordan quartet – john coltrane        the glass bead game     1974   (starta east)
stanley cowell & the empathlectrik quartet with vic juris – duo improvisation    2013   (steeplechase)
marion brown – visions      vista   1975      (impulse)
stanley cowell  blues for the viet cong –  1969  (polydor)
charles sullivan w dee dee bridgewater – now I’ll sleep          genesis    1976    strata east
stanley cowell – come sunday      new world     1979     (galaxy)
stanley cowell – equipoise  ( featuring sunny cowell)      live at keystone corner Baltimore   2020     steeplechase
stanley cowell – sienna, welcome my darling    (waiting for the moment)   1977   (galaxy)

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