Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Dan Snaith (Daphni/Caribou), Midori Takada, Jordan Rakei & Alfa Mist (Live) & Addison Groove ‐ Worldwide FM

Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Dan Snaith (Daphni/Caribou), Midori Takada, Jordan Rakei & Alfa Mist (Live) & Addison Groove


Gilles Peterson presents his brand new weekly show live from the Brownswood Basement. For this debut show Gilles presents a packed lineup, including Rodney P speaking about Pirate Radio, Dan Snaith presenting new Daphni material, a live session from Jordan Rakei and Alfa Mist and an interview with Japanese ambient pioneer Midori Takada.

Dan Snaith

It is safe to say Dan Snaith’s (AKA Caribou) musical life has followed anything but a predictable trajectory. Having revelled in numerous explosive releases and aliases, Snaith prepares to release Joli Mai, his second album as his Daphni moniker.

Midori Takada

Japanese ambient pioneer Midori Takada is a composer and percussionist who released a string of mindblowing records beginning in the 1980s. Ahead of her hugely anticipated Barbican dates, Midori catches up with Worldwide FM for an interview.

Jordan Rakei

Recent signee to Ninja Tune, Jordan Rakei has made a name for himself in an impressively short space of time. After leaving home in New Zealand, he’s now based in London, releasing his second album Wallflower September 2017 to huge critical acclaim .

Addison Groove

Having started his career as the deeper, dubstep embedded Headhunter, Tony William now focusses on Addison Groove, his freer, juke-fuelled pseudonym with stripped down beats, acid basslines and hip-hop leaning vocals.

Listen now Tracklist

Dobie – In A Strange Place [Unknown]
DjRum – Showreel Pt1 [Unknown]
DjRum – Showreel Pt1 [Unknown]
Carpainter – Changeling Life [Trekkie Trax]
Alfa Mist – 7th October [Pink Bird Recording Co.]

Jordan Rakei and Alfa Mist Live Session
Jordan Rakei – Nerve [Ninja Tune]
Jordan Rakei – Lucid [Ninja Tune]
Jordan Rakei – Chemical Coincidence [Ninja Tune]

Fatima – Somebody Else [Eglo]
Kamasi Washington – Re Run Home (Addison Groove Remix)[Unknown]
Jephte Guillaume – Voyage [Style Disques]
Ibo Combo – Souffrance [Ostinato Records Llc]
Afrosound – Pacifico [Eco]
Les Fantaisistes D’Haiti – Panno Caye Nan Bois Chêne [Aux Ondes]
Ibo Combo – Pote Rantal
Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra – Serenal [Soundway Records]
Francisco – Fileo [Soundway Records]
Ra Ra De Léogane – Gade Moune Yo [Stru]
Addison Groove – Untitled Gwo-Ka

Midori Takada and Masahiko Sato – NAHM [Epic]
Midori Takada – Mr. Henri Rousseau’s Dream [RCA Red Seal]

Caribou ‎– Melody Day [City Slang]
Daphni – Carry On [White Label]
Rupa – Aaj Shanibar [The Megaphone Company]
S.N. Gulati – Aur Paas [EMI]
Daphni – Vulture [White Label]
The Eagles Lupopo – Mrembro Pesa (Daphni Edit)



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