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An award winning radio station with a global audience, Worldwide FM represents music, culture and people from marginalised societies and oppressed communities. Whether our programming comes from Palestine or New Orleans, we try where we can to give voice to progressive artists and cultural figures who fight inequality in all its forms.

We have been showcasing subcultures and stories from across the world for over three years, and also regularly broadcast from London, New York, Mumbai, Seoul, Johannesburg, Brussels, Kyoto, Berlin, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris, Rio, Detroit, Tokyo, Istanbul and beyond. Our partners, WeTransfer, help power the new station, and their mission statement is rooted in the same ambition as our own – to explore and tie together the evolving diversity of global creativity. Our wider organisation includes Brownswood Recordings and Future Bubblers, and our shared values of respect, tolerance and inclusivity are detailed below. We support the Black Music Coalition and their list of demands/action points and also have signed up to the progressive Equality In Audio pact.


What We Believe

Worldwide FM, Brownswood and Future Bubblers are committed to playing our part in helping to create a fairer and more equal society. We want to see a world without discrimination of any sort and where every person is able to reach their full potential. We believe that we have a part to play in that and we are committed to doing so. We are also committed to creating a working environment where our staff and presenters feel comfortable, are supported and helped to improve and develop their skills.

We need to be inclusive in our outlook and our practice, and to draw on a diverse workforce. We will do all we can to make sure that our work, and the people who make it are fully representative of the richness, depth and diversity of the music in which we operate and of London, the city in which we are based. We see ourselves as custodians of a rich cultural heritage that we greatly value and respect and want to highlight to the world.

We believe that the music industry in which we operate has a problem with inclusivity. Traditionally a white male preserve, the industry has been slow to change and there are very few people of colour at all levels but particularly within leadership positions. Likewise too often women are marginalised and have little access to creative decision making. We want to work together with other like-minded organisations to improve this situation and offer more opportunities to a wider group of people.


Staff Inclusivity Action Policy

– A commitment to analyse and improve the diversity of workforce from entry level to senior leadership.
– Rigorously applying our inclusivity policy to staffing hiring, promotions etc.
– Jobs will be advertised more widely to ensure broader accessibility.
– Goals will be set for what senior leadership should look like.
– We will help to identify individual career goals for staff and identify potential career paths.
– We will research and utilise programmes which give work opportunities to a wider pool of people who might not otherwise get that access.
– We will provide a platform for staff members to discuss issues around race and diversity more generally.
– We will offer training opportunities for staff members.
– We will publicly and internally highlight relevant resources.
– We will look for opportunities to platform people of colour within our organisation.
– We will appoint an Inclusivity Team to monitor progress and create an evaluation programme.
– We will regularly review progress in all areas, at least 4 times a year.
– We will appoint a Health & Safety officer with specific responsibility for the mental health of staff, artists and presenters.
– We will offering mental health/counselling support for staff (and artists and presenters), particularly around diversity.
– We will offer staff an allowance to purchase relevant books and resources on anti-racism and inclusivity.


Commitment to Change in the Industry

– We commit to working with other organisations to offer a Leadership programme to play our part in tackling a lack of black leaders in the radio/label and wider music space.
– We commit to working with external organisations in the music industry to discuss ways to improve black representation in the music industry.
– We commit to developing a mentoring scheme aimed at young people of colour looking to enter the industry
We commit to communicate our inclusivity policy on all platforms, to be more specific about our business and its position within the wider scene and how we reflect a multi-cultural society.
– We commit to using our platforms to highlight relevant third party initiatives and encouraging followers to take action.
– We commit to consciously working with and seeking out black and minority owned third party businesses, such as PR companies, mastering houses, merch companies, designers, freelance tech people etc.
– We commit to publicly confront key issues in our business and scene, such as cultural appropriation and to highlight the steps we are taking.
– We commit to publishing annual company results and wider transparency of relevant business dealings.
– We commit to develop programming to more regularly and explicitly deal with important issues of inequality.


Worldwide FM Team

Directors – Simon Goffe, Thristian Richards, Gilles Peterson, Dan Moss

Charlotte Algar, Programmer & Producer (Permanent)
Will Asare, Programmer & Producer (Fixed)
Sam Fawcett, Senior Programmer & Producer (Permanent)
Ceylan Goksel, Content & Social Media Manager (Freelance)
George Haskell, Technical Production Manager (Permanent)
Will Horrocks, Head of Special Projects (Permanent)
Mari Kimura, Programmer & Producer (Freelance)
Erica McKoy, Arts & Culture Manager (Freelance)
Raj Sidhu, Creative Strategist (Permanent)
Sam Stewart, Technical Producer (Freelance)

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