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Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson Mexico Special


Gilles Peterson presents a show based on his iconic Brownswood Basement.

Gilles heads to record shop Discos Mono in the heart of Mexico City. We hear from Camilo Lara, music supervisor for the latest CoCo film; head of Mexican Institute of Sound DJ Esamipau AKA Paulina; Bahidora Festival curators Inigo and Uchi; jazz digger and musician Tropicasa and the pioneer of queer cumbia, Ali Gua Gua. We also have live performances from a La Redada and Sonido Gallo Negro.

Ali Gua Gua

Mexican DJ born in Veracruz, Ali Gua Gua sees music as a fun and genderless art form. She has a group called Kumbia Queers, formed in Buenos Aires in 2007 with Juana Chang and Florencia Lliteras (Happy Makers) from Las Ultrasonicas.


EsaMiPau is one of the most active DJs in Mexico City, playing in the city’s most underground clubs. She hosts Ibero 90.9 FM every Friday.


Tropicaza is an energetic DJ who spins Mexican jazz, travelling around the world sharing music, and is part of the dublab family.

Camilo (Mexican Institute of Sound)

Camilo spent 17 years at EMI Music Mexico from Record Executive to Head of A&R to President of the label. Camilo then went on to become MD for Virgin Mexico, and also worked for Warner Music Mexico. In 2001 he created one of the first independent labels in Mexico called Suave.

Camilo is at The Barbican on April 29 for the Mexrrissey show at La Linea Festival.

La Redada

La Redada is a multi-national six piece dance band influenced by the rhythms del pasado. The band is informed with a crate-digger’s knowledge of Latin rhythms and a DJs ear for the dance floor.

Sonido Gallo Negro

Sonido Gallo Negro is inspired by Peruvian cumbia from the ’70s, with an underground attitude. Based around the güiro instrument the music integrates styles like Amazonian cumbia, huayno, cumbia sonidera, boogaloo and chicha (Peruvian cumbia) with electric guitars.

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