Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Dinosaur (Live), Garth Cartwright, and Onyx Collective (Live) ‐ Worldwide FM

Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Dinosaur (Live), Garth Cartwright, and Onyx Collective (Live)


Gilles Peterson presents a show based on the iconic Brownswood Basement.

This week Gilles welcomes jazz band Dinosaur, music writer Garth Cartwright and NY group Onyx Collective.

Photography Martin Eito.


Led by trumpeter Laura Jurd, Mercury-nominated Edition Records signed band Dinosaur return with their highly anticipated second album ‘Wonder Trail’. The new album sees the band further their exploration into the world of ‘synth-pop meets jazz band’, presenting a journey of mesmerising new compositions.

Garth Cartwright

Garth Cartwright is a New Zealand born, South London based award winning writer, broadcaster, DJ and music promoter. He particularly engages with and unearths the great American roots and East European Romany musicians who are too often overlooked outside of their own areas.

Onyx Collective

Founded by Isaiah Barr, Ninja Tune signees Onyx Collective are a growing collective of artists and musicians based in New York with some major collaborations under their belt, including with Dev Hynes and streetwear brand Supreme. The cast of performers for this elusive group is interchangeable, as is the kind of music that they play, including salsa, funk and the band’s unique style of jazz.

Listen now Tracklist

Marva Whitney – Sunny [Soul Brother Records]
James Brown – The Payback [Polydor]
James Brown – Blues & Pants [Polydor]
James Brown – The Popcorn [King Records]
James Brown – Papa Don’t Take No Mess [Polydor]
Henry Threadgill – Celebration [Arista Novus]
Onyx Collective – Free Improvisation [Unreleased]
Onyx Collective – Don’t Get Caught Under The Manhattan Bridge [Big Dada]
Onyx Collective – Battle Of The Bowery [Big Dada]
Billy Bang Sextet (Feat. Frank Lowe) – Sweet Space [Anima Productions]
Billy Bang Sextet (Feat. Frank Lowe) – A Pebble Is A Small Rock [Anima Productions]
Akiko Kiyama – Jabara [Unreleased]
94 East (Feat. Prince) – If You See Me [Numero Group]
The Pharaohs – People Make The World Go “Round [Luv ‘N Haight]
Dinosaur – Quiet Thunder [Edition Records]
Ahmed Abdul-Malik – Summertime [Prestige]
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead [Small Wonder Records]
Louis Armstrong – West End Blues [CBS]
Leslie Blackshear Smith – What Kind Of World Are We Making [636 Music]
Lou Donaldson – Herman’s Mambo [Capitol Records]
Dinosaur – And Still We Wonder [Edition Records]
Dinosaur – Shine Your Light [Edition Records]
Dinosaur – Improvisation [Unreleased]
Hugo Fatturoso – Goldenwings [Far Out Recordings]

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