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Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Rickie Lee Jones


Gilles Peterson presents a weekly show based on his iconic Brownswood Basement.

This episode Gilles Peterson is joined in the Basement by one of his heroines, the multi-faceted Rickie Lee Jones, ahead of her EU tour, for a discussion about her life and an intimate live performance on vocal and guitar.

Rickie Lee Jones

Two-time Grammy winner and the 30th Greatest Women in Rock & Roll according to VH1, Rickie Lee Jones, whose album Pirates was number 49 on NPR’s list of the 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women, has had an illustrious career spanning over five decades as a musician, producer, actress and narrator. She joins Gilles ahead of her EU tour, where she makes stops in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, France and three UK shows. Tickets are still available at rickieleejones.com.


Rickie Lee Jones – I Am A Child (Live in Brownswood Basement)
Rickie Lee Jones – My Funny Valentine (Live At Roxy, Los Angeles, CA 1982) [Warner Brotherss Records]
Rickie Lee Jones – Chuck E’s in Love [Warner Brothers Records[
Rickie Lee Jones – Trouble Man [Artemis Records]
Rickie Lee Jones – Infinity [TOSOD Music]
Dr John & Rickie Lee Jones – Makin’ Whoopee! [Warner Brothers Records]
Rickie Lee Jones – Company [Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab]
Steely Dan – Do It Again [Probe]
Rickie Lee Jones – Coolsville (Live Acoustic Version) [White Label]
Rickie Lee Jones – Autumn Leaves (Live Acoustic) [Reprise Records]
Rickie Lee Jones – The Moon Is Made of Gold [Fantasy]
Rickie Lee Jones – Dat Dere [Geffen Records]
Rickie Lee Jones – Deep Space [Suzy]
Rickie Lee Jones – Rebel Rebel [Geffen Records]
Rickie Lee Jones – Ugly Man [V2]
Rickie Lee Jones – Only Love Can Break Your Heart [Concord Records]
Rickie Lee Jones – Living It Up [Warner Brothers Records]
Rickie Lee Jones – Show Biz Kids [Analogue Productions]
Rickie Lee Jones – So Long [Warner Brothers Records]

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