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Balearic Breakfast: Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy


Tune in as Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy brings us her flagship morning show, settling you in to the day of programming here on Worldwide FM.

Colleen is the founder of Classic Album Sundays, a programme telling the stories of classic albums that have influenced the progression of music, and culture more broadly. She was also the co-founder of the David Mancuso-indebted Lucky Cloud Loft Party in London. As a producer, Colleen has remixed the likes of Roisin Murphy, The Rapture and Chaka Khan.

From a woman at the forefront of the vinyl resurgence, encouraging new appreciation for venues and quality listening spaces, Colleen’s Cosmodelica show is a space for unbridled enjoyment of the music that has shaped dancefloors new and old.

Listen now Tracklist

Kenny Loggins ‘Nightwatch’

Prelude ‘Faites Vos Jeux’

Shock ‘San Juan’

Mick Jagger ‘Lucky in Love’ (Francois Kevorkian Mix)

The Seebach Band ‘Bubble Sex’

Soulmate ‘Peaceful Morning’

Morenas ‘Hazme Sonar’ (Ambient Remix by Peter Vriends)

Paul Weller ‘Starlite’ (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)

Primal Scream ‘Loaded’ (Andrew Weatherall Mix)

Kenneth Bager’s Music for Dreams Mix:

Santino Surfers ‘Sun Rise Swell’

Ambala ft Laid Back ‘Walking With Dreamers’

Copenema ‘Te Faz Bem’

Bongo Entp. ‘Drømmen’

Jacob Gurevitsch ‘Spanish Inquisition’

Troels Hammer ‘Azur’

Ole Theill ‘Between Leaves’

The Swan And The Lake ‘Tinkerbell’

Sweet Control ‘Lighter Than The Wind’

Rheinzand ‘Porque’

Be Svendsen ‘Andromeda’

Islandman feat Dj Divo, OliO & Kenneth Bager “Aku Membawa’

The New Age Orchestra ‘Let’s Dream Together’

Mcfadden & Whitehead ‘Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now’ (Drama Mix)

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