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Balearic Breakfast: Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy


Tune in as Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy brings us her flagship morning show, settling you in to the day of programming here on Worldwide FM.

Colleen is the founder of Classic Album Sundays, a programme telling the stories of classic albums that have influenced the progression of music, and culture more broadly. She was also the co-founder of the David Mancuso-indebted Lucky Cloud Loft Party in London. As a producer, Colleen has remixed the likes of Roisin Murphy, The Rapture and Chaka Khan.

From a woman at the forefront of the vinyl resurgence, encouraging new appreciation for venues and quality listening spaces, Colleen’s Cosmodelica show is a space for unbridled enjoyment of the music that has shaped dancefloors new and old.

Listen now Tracklist

Odetta ‘Got My Mind on Freedom’

Neil Young ‘Don’t Let it Bring You Down’

Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson ‘Willing’

The Honey Drippers ‘Impeach The President’

Brian Eno & David Byrne ‘America is Waiting’

Andy Bey ‘Celestial Blues’ (The Avener Rework)

Sounds of Blackness ‘Optimistic’

Romanthony ‘Hold On’

Change ‘Hold Tight’

William DeVaughan ‘Be Thankful For What You’ve Got’

Jean Claude Gavri ‘Les Dances’

M People ‘Fantasy Island’

Chuck Mangione ft Esther Satterfield ‘The Land of Make Believe’

Ballistic Brothers ‘Love Supreme Pt 2’

L.U.P.O. ‘Hell or Heaven’

Loosefingers ‘Dreaming of Better Days’

Coyote ‘Love’

Naoki Kenji ‘Dos Mundos’

Depeche Mode ‘Waiting for the Night’

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