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Stamp the Wax: Aaron L with The Scorpios


Monthly show from underground music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor in Chief Aaron L.

Aaron welcomes four of the ten piece outfit The Scorpions who revel in hypnotic Arabic rhythms, psychedelic Sudanese Afrobeat and eastern funk.

Listen now Tracklist

Rouge Mecanique – Prisma LTD [YAM]
Project Karnak – Intro [Forthcoming]
Kinkajous – Jupiter [Forthcoming]
Dominic Canning – We Are One [Waella’s Choice]
Dip In The Pool – Kuroi Dress No Onna [Jazzy Couscous]
Midori feat. Clara Cappagli – Over [Cascade Records]
Fabror Resande Mac – Janne [Music For Dreams]
Unknown – Untitled [White Label]
Wax – Can I Take You Home? (Long Version) [Smiling C]
General Purpose – Concerto de Chasse [General Purpose]
Palta – Forarets Skorhed [12th Isle]
Issam Houshan – Tabla (Cervo Edit) [White Label]
Shimshon Miel – Amsterdam Experience (Kalbata Edit) [Fortuna Records]
Will Dimaggio – All Good (Jazz Mix) [Future Times]
Takashi Kokubo – Underwater Dreaming [Jazzy Couscous]
Aidan Shepherd – Max [Waella’s Choice]
The Scorpios – Machina [Afro7]
Suzanne Menzel – I Feel It Starts Again [Frederiksberg Records]
Nubya Garcia – Source (Maxwell Owin Remix) [Nyasha]
Denis Mpungu & Paul K. – Funkyaka (Androo’s Romantic Dub) [Second Circle]

The Scorpios Live Set

Seb Wildblood – The One With The Emoticon (Yu Su Remix) [Omena]
Unknown – Untitled [Waella’s Choice]
D. Lynnwood – The Vault [Shapes Of Rhythm]
Jeigo – Pearl Rhythm [Valby Rotary]

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