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Monthly show from London music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor-in-Chief Aaron L.

Album of the Week:
Angelo Ioakimoglu, The Nireus Years (1995-1997) [Into The Light]

Bucolic new age to dubbed out balearic, Mediterranean DnB to ambient trance from a 16 year-old Greek prodigy, produced in the mid-90s and anthologised by Into The Light. Buy and listen.

Eleventeen Eston

With an esoteric approach to the 90s, the balearic, funk-not-funk sound of Eleventeen Eston is but one of John Tanner’s many guises, alongside the new age Wilson Tanner with Andras and his left-field club persona Hugo Gerani. Many sounds, many strings, many reasons to keep an eye out for this talen from Perth. 

Listen now Tracklist

Joanne Forman – Lauds [Seance Centre]
Les Filles de Illinghadad – Imigrada [Sahel Sounds]
WVR BVBY – And Another Thing [Plug Seven Records]
The Seven Ups – High Road [White Label]
Mildlife – The Gloves Don’t Bite [Research Records]
Untitled – Untitled
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange – Marcus Garvey [Wax Museum Records]
Alton Miller – Feel About Me [Waella’s Choice]
Girls of the Internet – Corners [WNCL Recordings]
Benedek – Nucid [Second Circle]
Language – Breakdown Wo! [Earth Records]
LaTonya – Dance Time [Smiling C]
Angelo Ioakimoglu – Kuwahara Ride [Into The Light]
Jason Kolar – Corners [Stroom]
Waak Waak ga Min Min – Djambak [Efficient Space]
Angelo Ioakimoglu – Alonissos [Into The Light]
Native Cruise – Citadel In The Sky [YAM]
Luca Lozano – Oh Jupiter [Running Back Records]
Michael Iwatsu – Modest [Unreleased]
Emma-Jean Thackaray – Ley Lines [The Vinyl Factory]
Louis VI feat. Jerlani Blackman – Floatin’ [White Label]
Sex Judas – Snake Song [Optimo Music]
Eleventeen Eston – Shoelace Episode 1: Hugo’s Theme (Prelude) [Not Not Fun]
Elevnteen Eston – The Four Fountains [Growing Bin]
Bulawayo Harare – Mysterious Africa Danalogue Dub [Nyami Nyami]
Jaubi – Lahore State of Mind (Al Dobson Jr. Remix) [Astigmatic Poland]
Yadava – Morning Pt. 2 (Extended Version) [Church]
Weird Weather – Bamboo Room (Ormus Mix) [(Emotional) Especial]
Future 3 – The Boy From West Bronx [April Records/VME]

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