Aaron L with Hollick & Z Lovecraft (No Bad Days) // 17-02-17 ‐ Worldwide FM

Aaron L with Hollick & Z Lovecraft (No Bad Days) // 17-02-17


Worldwide family and Stamp the Wax Editor-in-Chief, Aaron L, is joined by London label No Bad Days. Boss Hollick and latest signing Z Lovecraft (also part of the YAM Records & Rhythm Section families) will be discussing new release The Creator EP and also playing inspirations and exclusives from the label.

Listen now Tracklist

Alfa Mist – Keep On [Unreleased]
Jonny Nash – Police Bribe [Melody As Truth] // UK
Carlo Savina – From Italy [Ring] // Italy
291out – La Caccia [Really Swing] // Italy
Arnold Blair – Finally Made It Home [Super Disco Edits] // UK
Shango Dance Band – Women Are Great [Comb & Razor Sound] // US
Mark Barrott – Schopenhauer’s Garden [International Feel] // Uruguay
Roberto – When You Come Around [No Bad Days] // UK
Anthony Naples – At Ease [Proibito] // US
Berkley Ike Jones – Tears In The Ghetto [Skylark Records] // Nigeria
Richenel – Slave of The Body [Music From Memory] // Netherlands
Auntie Flo – Dance Ritual II (Lipelis Remix)
Jayda G – Sestra’s Cry [Allergy Season] // US
Deoae – Kambi version
Møzaika – Glory [Unreleased] // Poland
The Gardener – Secret Trail [No Bad Days] // UK
Seb Wildblood – Messin’ Around [Church] // UK
Shur-I-Kan – Generations [Freerange Records] // UK
Chris Zippel – Glacier (Massivan Remix) [Elux Records] // Germany
Z Lovecraft – The Creator [No Bad Days] // UK
Z Lovecraft – 99 Pence Bargain Dub [No Bad Days] // UK
Munir – Music From The Backyard [No Bad Days] // Indonesia
Nite Body – Moon Bae [Self Release] // Japan
Z Lovecraft – Progressive Rhythm [Unreleased] // UK
Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country [Warp] // UK
Metronomy – This Could Be Beautiful (It is) [Holiphonic] // UK
Tom Blipp – Crazy Arps [Unreleased] // UK

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