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Stamp The Wax: Aaron L with Janine Rainforth (MXM JoY)


Monthly show from London music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor-in-Chief Aaron L.  This month he is joined by Janine from Maximum Joy.

Album of the Week:
Lola V. Stain – Ikona [Tunnel Vision Records]

French label Tunnel Vision has rereleased Lola V. Stain‘s highly sought after 1990 EP Ikona. It used to be notoriously hard to find and went for small fortunes on Discogs, but the EP has been described as “an eclectic assortment of ambient, ethereal soundscapes, dreamy percussion and other-worldly influences”

River Yarra

Australian-born and now Paris-based River Yarra originally trained in classical percussion before teaching himself to DJ and produce. he runs a label called Super Utu and helps run Antinote with Zaltan and PAM, where he released his most recent EP Lucky Boy.

Listen now Tracklist

Jason Kolar – Erratic Texting Behaviour [Stroom]
Mr Freddy – Moments In The Fields [Unknown]
Lola V Stain – Makovia Polja A1 [Tunnel Vision Records]
Lola V Stain – Makovia Polja A1 [Tunnel Vision Records]
Unknown – Rick [Legalize Lambada]
DJ Guy – Song For My Father [Exotic Robotics]
Mousse – Afternoon Bloom [Butter Sessions]
Automart – Discover Me [Superior Elevation]
Sameed – New Bell [Bannoffee Pies]
Wolf Muller & Cass – Aiolos [International Feel]
Hayes Bradley – TBC
Prequel – The Song I Said I’d Make For You mix [Forthcoming]
Bender & Nobel – World Gruv [Superior Elevation]
Housemate – Soul Value (Lamus II Exotic Drum Mix) [Naff]
Tales of Voodoo – Sun Cymbals (Jose Manuel Remix)
River Yarra – Aorsom Wislhs [Antinote]
Kawaku Sound – Lost In Sound [Banana Hill]
Jonny Nash – TBC
Aka Girls – Forest People’s Music [Unknown]
Jonny Thunders – Born To Lose [Track Records]
Chic – My Forbidden Lover [Atlantic Records]
Don Cherry – Brown Rice [EMI]
Grandmaster Flash – The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel [Sugar Hill Records]
Maximum Joy – White and Green Place [Y Records]
Future – Mask Off [Epic]
Joan As Police Woman – Magic [PIAS Recordings]

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