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Stamp The Wax: Aaron L with Tyson


Monthly show from London music platform Stamp the Wax, headed up by Editor-in-Chief Aaron L. For June, he’s joined in session by London singer Tyson and producer Oscar, presenting tracks from their new mixtape Moonlight.

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Album of the Month: Sault – Untitled (Black Is) [Self-Released]
Rising: Azu Tiwaline

Sabreen – Improvisation On Moondance [Akuphone]
Monzanto Sound – Time Lapse [No More]
Pétalos y Cenizas – Belver Yin [Efficient Space]
Jane in Palma- Modern Tackle [SFR]
Lord Tusk feat. Tyson – Tell Me [OTIS]
Sault feat Michael Kiwanuka – Bow [Self-Released]
James Tillman – Arizona [Darker Than Wax]
Duval Timothy feat. Lil Silva & Melanie Faye – Fall Again [Carrying Colour]
Troels Hammer – White Elephant [Music For Dreams]
Tyson & Oscar in Session
Tyson feat. Oscar – Moonlight [Self-Released]
Tyson – Milk & Honey (with Oscar) [Self-Released]
Tyson – Good Company [Self-Released]
Delhikate – Hey U [Museek]
Gaika – Of Saints [N.A.A.F.I]
Sault – Wildfire [Self-Released]
Ginoli feat. Mei Saraswati – Deepest I’ve Been [Music In Exile / Bedroom Sucks]
Street Rat – Overland [Soul Has No Tempo]
Faizal Mostrixx, Lex Amor & Hibotep – Ancestry [Extra Soul Perception]
Tassilo Vanhofen – Meridian [Electric Shapes]
Willie Graff & Darren Eboli – Lizard King [Music For Dreams]
Jokios Kulturos – Ghost In The Sheel [Electric Shapes]
Adulana – Alai Payuthey [Unreleased]
Der Opium Queen – Wamdue with Bruce [Sensible Seelen]
Petros Skoutaris – Yusurum (Part II) [Into The Light]
Modula – Night Warrior [Bordello A Parigi]
Bonnie & Klein – lbatross [M&M Discos]
Fredfades & Jawn Rice feat. Dreamcast – Show Me How (Chmmr Remix) [Mutual Intentions]
Decha – Decha Voj A Ver (Eva Geist Remix) [Malka Tuti]
Kuniyuki & Marcus Henriksonn – Shinkei (JAKAM Rework) [Malka Tuti]
Tom Ellis – Possible Location [Llyssna]
James Martin – George Best [Una Vida de Barrio]
Nea T – Aus [Lumière du Côté Obscur]
Louke Man – Differently [Harsh Riddims]
Dream E – DreamFour [Pace Yourself]
Azu Tiwaline – Tessiture [Livity Sound]

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