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Global Roots: Thris Tian with Waajeed


Weekly show with Thris Tian presenting the best underground and global selections.

For this week’s show Thris will be joined by the producer through the years have been known as both inventive and genre-defier and the founder of DIRT TECH RECK, Waajeed in conversation until he takes over for a special mix.

Listen now Tracklist

Antoine Knight – L’oeillet Noir [Versatile Records]
Eyedress – Be A Better Friend [Unreleased]
The Scorpions – Saat Alfarah [Habibi Funk 009]
The Expansions – Transcoso [Albert’s Favourites]
Little Simz – Boss [Age 101]
Ishmael Ensemble – Seoul Music [White Label]
Dreamcast – Up 2 U [Future Times Records]
Forest Drive West – Particles In Motion (LIVITY003) [White Label]
Parris – B2. Soft Touch [White Label]
Insólito UniVerso – Transmutada [Olindo Records]
Natsukashii – Swimming In The Rain [Dead Bison]
Charles Mingus – Dizzy Profile (Alternate Take) [White Label]
Vril – llojim [Unknown]
Toma Kami – Land Of The Insane [Livity Sound Recordings]
Phenomenal Handclap Band – Judge Not (Ray Mang Special Mix) [Toy Tonics]
Jungle Fire – Village Hustle (Bosq Remix) [Nacional Records]
CAIN – High Call [White Label]
Jun Kamoda – Nightmare Club [White Label]
Black Jazz Consortium – Mystery Of Fantasy (MR G REMIX) [Perpetual Sounds]
Forest Drive West – Circles (LIVITY003) [Self Released]
Molly – B2 Apostrophe [Self Released]
Oneohtrix Point Never – Love In The Time Of Lexapro [Self Released]
N’Draman Blintch – Cosmic Sounds [Cosmic Sounds]
Waajeed – Obba [Planet E Communications]
Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda – Priestess [Clarity Recordings]
COEO – Cabrio Mango [Toy Tonics]
Waajeed Feat. Zo! & Asante – Things About You [Dirt Teck Reck]
Waajeed Feat. Ideeyah -I Ain’t Safe [Dirt Teck Reck]
Crackazat – Holding You Close (Waajeed Remix Ft Ideeyah) [Local Talk]
Waajeed – After You Left [Dirt Teck Reck]
Snilloc – 800 Lesbians [8bit]
Sergio Fernandez – Urano Beatz (Original Mix; Explicit) [Snatch! Records]
James Burton – Sounds Of A Different Colour (Ki Creighton Remix) [Of Unsound Mind]
Emanuel Satie & Ninetoes Feat. Tassew Wendim – Injera (Original Remix) [Crosstown Rebels]
Dee Dee Brave – Feel The Breeze (DJ Deep Edit) [BBE]
Waajeed Feat. Ideeyah – Strength (String Mix) [Dirt Tech Reck]

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