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WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino with Yoshihiro Okino, Takeshi Yamaguchi, Masaki Tamura from Hachi Record Shop


Monthly show from Kyoto, Japan’s original capital city, presented by Shuya Okino, music tastemaker and member of Kyoto Jazz Massive.

In a one off broadcast from Hachi Record Store in Kyoto, our regular Kyoto host Shuya Okino is joined by fellow Tokyo Jazz Massive don Yoshihiro Okino and DoItJAZZ founder Masaki Tamura.

Takeshi Yamaguchi (Hachi)

A Kyoto native who has been influential on the city’s jazz crossover scene for over 30 years, he is currently the owner of record store / bar Hachi.

Takeshi was one of the original members of Kyoto Jazz Massive and the owner of the legendary Club Collage, which was vital in building the crossover scene in Kyoto. He went on to produce Music Bar Colors and 5th Street Music Store record shop. As a DJ, he plays jazz with a deep knowledge and unique sense.

Yoshihiro Okino (KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE/Especial Records)

DJ / a programmer of KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE. He is also one of the owners of “ESPECIAL RECORDS” and running a record shop in Minamisenba, Osaka.
Since he established it, he has been always in the spotlight with regards to some wonderful tracks which he released until now like SLEEP WALKER, HAJIME YOSHIZAWA, SHUYA OKINO and so on. And also he is evaluated highly as a DJ tour organiser.

He has invited Many DJ’s & Live Band and so on and succeeded every tour.
Currentry regularly DJing in “Freedom Time” in Osaka, “Especial Records Session” in The Room, Tokyo, etc.

Shuya Okino

Shuya Okino is a Japanese DJ, songwriter, author and the producer and one half of the founding member of Kyoto Jazz Massive. He runs the popular music venue The Room in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Masaki Tamura

Masaki Tamura started DJing in 2003 and quickly became known for selecting both traditional and modern jazz music. He has also held various iconic events in Kyoto, including the crossover event Do it JAZZ!.

Listen now Tracklist

Takeshi Yamaguchi
Brundi Black – The FIrst Part [BCM Records]
George Duke – Soul Watcher [Pickwick]
Thelonious Monk – Ugly Beauty [CBS Sony]
Gene Amoons – Jeanniene [Prestige Records]
Masaru Imada Trio – I’ll Be seeing You [three blind mice]
Eldee Young – MR.Kicks [Victor Musical]

Yoshihiro Okino
Dave Remington – Unlit Room [Universal Record]
Rare Silk – Red Clay [Polygram Record]
Pharoah Sanders – Pharomba [Arista]
Dave Liebman – Goli Dance [Polydor]
Harold Ousley – El Exi-Hente [Muse Records]
Southroad Connection – Dusk To Dawn [Mahogany]

Masaki Tamura
Joseph Bonner – Quiet Dawn [Theresa Records]
Fumio Itabashi – Up Into The Sky [Columbia]
Medasi – Children [Rise Records]
Joe Harider Trio – Tante Nelly [Calig]
Gato Barbeieri – El Dia Que Me Quieras [King Record]

Shuya Okino
Freddie Hubbard – Far Away [Blue Note Record]
Mccoy Tyner – You stepped out of a dream [Fantasy Records]
Dave Mackay & Vocky Hamilton – Samba For Vicky [impluse!]
Lonnie Liston Smith – Mardi Gras (Carnival) [Dance Music]
Oscar Castro-Neves – Return To Rio [JVC]

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