WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino with Yoshihiro Okino, Masaki Tamura and Sara Aiko from y gion ‐ Worldwide FM

WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino with Yoshihiro Okino, Masaki Tamura and Sara Aiko from y gion


Monthly show from Kyoto, Japan’s original capital city, presented by Shuya Okino, music tastemaker and member of Kyoto Jazz Massive. He will be joined by Yoshihiro Okino (KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE), Masaki Tamura and Sara Aiko.

Yoshihiro Okino 

DJ / a programmer of KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE. He is also an owner of ‘Especial Records’ and also running a record shop in Minamisenba, Osaka. Since the record shop, he has been always in the spotlight with regards to wonderful tracks released until now including collaborations with Sleep Walker, Hajime Yoshizawa and Shuya Okino. He is currently regularly DJing in “Freedom Time” in Osaka, “Especial Records Session”.

Masaki Tamura

Masaki Tamura started DJing in 2003 and quickly became known for selecting both traditional and modern jazz music. He has also held various iconic events in Kyoto, including the crossover event Do it JAZZ!.

Sara Aiko

Sara Aiko is the founder and creative director of Curated Kyoto. She shares her love for Kyoto through the internet as well as in-person tours.

Shuya Okino

Shuya Okino is a Japanese DJ, songwriter, author and the producer and one half of the founding member of Kyoto Jazz Massive. He runs the popular music venue The Room in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Listen now Tracklist

Yoshihiro Okino //
Sadao Watanabe – Vichani [King Record]
Shingo Okudaira – Afro Blue [Express]
Charles Greenlee – He’s Gone [Baystate]
Albert Dailey – Black Raspberry [Catalyst Records]
Nikolai Levinovsky – Sphinx [Melodia]
Isao Suzuki – Beat It Up [Carnival]
John Lee Gerry Brown – Infinite Jones [Keytone]

Masaki Tamura //
Stanley Turrentine – The Man With The Sad Face [CBS Records]
Nil’s Jazz Ensemble – Reflexiones [Lazarus Audio Products]
Bishop Nehru – Rooftops [Nehruvia Entertainment]
Abstract Orchestra – All Caps [ATA]
Ryo Kawasaki and The Golden Dragon – Looking Around You [CBS Sony]
Ryo Fukui – Horizon [Trio Records]
Florian Pellissier Quintet – Jazz Carnival [Heavenly Sweetness]
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Mad Pierrot [Alfa Records]
Kaidi Tatham – Freddie Can’t Run Away [2000BLACK]
K15 – Sunbeams [Eglo]
BB Boogie – Tell Him Again Bugz In The Attic Remix [BBE]
Norman Connors – Naima [Mojazz]

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