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Kyoto Jazz Massive – Tribute Mix For Phil Asher


Tune in as Kyoto Jazz Massive pay tribute to the legend that was Phil Asher, their musical mentor and friend.

KJM is a DJ unit formed by Shuya Okino of WW Kyoto and Yoshi Okino in the beginning of the 90’s. Since then they have pioneered the way for Japanese club jazz and crossover music at home and abroad.

Expect to hear music produced by Phil Asher, Restless Soul Remixes, the music they worked on together, plus more exclusive and unreleased music.

Listen now Tracklist

KJM tribute mix for Phil Asher


01. Kyoto Jazz Massive – Nacer Do Sol (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix) – Yellow


02. Shuya Okino Feat.Josh Milan – Love Is The Key (Produced By Phil Asher) –

Especial Distribution/Geneon

03. DJ Kawasaki – Elevate Your Mind (Restless Soul Remix) – Especial Records/

Extra Freedom

04. Cosmic Village – TBD (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix) – For Life Records

05. Kyoto Jazz Massive Feat.Vanessa Freeman & Tasita D’Mour – No Cross No

Crown (Restless Soul Classic Mix) – Selective Records

06. Root Soul Feat. Vanessa Freeman & Mike Patto – Spirit Of Love (Phil Asher’s

Restless Soul Boogie Mix) – Especial Records

07. Restless Soul Feat.Rasiyah – Time To Fly – Especial Distribution/Quality


08. Tony Allen – Ijo (Restless Soul Unreleased AfroHouse Vocal) – Promo

09. Gigi – Gud Fella (Restless Soul Offcentre Mix) – Palm Pictures

10. Shake The Dog feat.Monique Bingham – Run (Produced By Phil Asher) –

Symple Soul

11. Mo’ Browne – What You Do (Produced By Phil Asher) – Columbia Japan

12. Bopstar feat.Zara McFarlene – Captured (Restless Soul Main Mix) – Soul

Heaven Records

13. Restless Soul Feat.Shea Soul – Tricks (Unreleased Broken Mix) – Promo

14. Phil Asher – Namby It Ain’t (I Ain’t Sorry) – Restless Soul

15. Nathan Haines Feat.Shelley Nelson – Believe (Produced By Phil Asher) –

Chillifunk Records

16. Vanessa Freeman – Shades (Produced By Phil Asher) – Chillifunk Records

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