WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino with Yoshihiro Okino, Masaki Tamura, Yukari BB and Sara Aiko Live from y.gion, Kyoto ‐ Worldwide FM

WW Kyoto: Shuya Okino with Yoshihiro Okino, Masaki Tamura, Yukari BB and Sara Aiko Live from y.gion, Kyoto


Monthly show from Kyoto, the Japan’s original capital city, presented by Shuya Okino, music tastemaker and member of Kyoto Jazz Massive. This broadcast showcases the sensibility and energy of Kyoto city with cohost Sara Aiko and guest DJs.

For this show Shuya welcomes fellow Kyoto Jazz Massive member Yoshihito Okino, and presents the Japanese art of live flower arrangement during the broadcast.

WW Kyoto is direct from a new venue called y gion, a multipurpose cultural centre in Gion, Kyoto.


Shuya Okino is a Japanese DJ, songwriter, author and the producer of the popular music venue The Room in Shibuya, Tokyo.



Sara Aiko is the founder and creative director of Curated Kyoto. She shares her love for Kyoto through the internet as well as in-person tours.



Yoshihiro Okino is a DJ and programmer of Kyoto Jazz Massive. He is also the owner of Especial Records and runs a record shop in Minamisenba, Osaka.



Masaki Tamura started DJing in 2003 and quickly became known for selecting both old and new jazz music. He has also held various iconic events in Kyoto, including the crossover event Do it JAZZ!



Yukari BB has spent her years DJing between London and Japan, covering soul to Brazilian to house to boogie. Currently based in Kyoto she intends to focus on cultural activities and expanding her musical career globally after having managed Juno Records Japan for seven years.

Listen now Tracklist

Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers – KYOTO [Blue Note Records]

The Piano Choir – Barbara Ann [Strata-East]

Toshio Matsuura Group – I am Black Gold of the Sun [HMV Record Shop]

Nu Era – Octahedron [Omniverse Records]

YGT – Mary Lou [Jazz Cabbage]

村岡実とニュー·ディメンジョン·グループ陰と陽 [King Records]

YMO – Thousand Knives [commmons]

Duck Hyman – All The Things You Are [Reference  Recordings]

FaltyDL Feat. Rosie Lowe – Drugs (Kaidi Tatham Remix) [Blueberry Records]

Dego & Kaidi – Decide What You Choose [Sound Signature]

Sonars Ghost – Little Rudys Theme [Edit]

Nu Era – Galaxian [Omniverse Records]

Crackazat – Sundial (Original Mix) [Local Talk]

Unit 2 – Sunshine (Kirk Remix) [Running Back]

Kyoto Jazz Massive – Demo Track [unknown]

Naoya Matsuoka & His All Stars – The Dark Night [Union Records]

Sonny Rollins – Powall [JVC]

Kyoto Jazz Sextet Ft. Navasha Data & Tomoki Sanders- Still In Love [Blue Note]

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