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WW Kyoto: Sara Aiko with Kay Young, Masaki Tamura and Yukari BB from y gion


Monthly show from Kyoto, Japan’s original capital city, presented by Sara Aiko, the founder and creative director of Curated Kyoto.

She is joined by Kay Young, Masaki Tamura and Yukari BB.


Kay Young

Kay Young is a British Rapper, Singer and Producer based in South East London.
Using elements of Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk and Soulful House, Kay Young is known for her infamous beats! Fearlessly crossing genres, with a unique, fresh and esprit sound; whilst infusing life into every track with her trusted drum machine, Kay elevates her music through innovative experimentation and gutsy risk-taking.
With her witty stage presence, zealous positivity and love for performing, Kay Young is sure to get any audience going! A true breath of fresh air and a much needed artist for our time.

Masaki Tamura

Masaki Tamura started DJing in 2003 and quickly became known for selecting both traditional and modern jazz music. He has also held various iconic events in Kyoto, including the crossover event Do it JAZZ!.

Yukari BB

Yukari BB has spent her years DJing between London and Japan, covering soul to Brazilian to house to boogie. Currently based in Kyoto she intends to focus on cultural activities and expand her musical career globally, after having managed Juno Records Japan for seven years.

Sara Aiko

Sara Aiko is the founder and creative director of Curated Kyoto. She shares her love for Kyoto through the internet as well as in-person tours.

Listen now Tracklist

Masaki Tamura //
山崎ハコ – さすらい (Canyon Records)
村岡 実 – テイク・ファイブ (King Records)
ドラムと津軽三味線 – どんばん節 (Teichiku)
The Tokyo Cuban Boys – さくら・さくら (King Records)
East End × YURI – Sunaoni (File Records)
Noya Rao – Eyes (Gondwana Records)
Shafiq Husayn – My-Story Of Love / Starring You (Eglo Records)
Teotima – But I Van’t (First Word Records)
Zara Mcfarlane – Peace Begins Within (Reggae Version) (Brownswood Records)

Kay Young //
Kay Young Live Show

Yukari BB //
J Rocc / Heart Throb (Polar Entertainment)
Duke Jordan / Night in Tunisia – DJ Jazzy Jeff remix (Savoy Jazz)
King Britt / Transcend (Bbe)
Grooveman Spot feat. Ahu / Affection (Planetgroove / Jazzy Sport)
Los Stellarians / Keep it up (HMV)
Azymuth / Castelo – Version 1 (Farout Recordings)
Chaka Khan / Like Sugar (A Diary Records /Island Records)
Chico Mann / Soul Freedom (Kindred Spirits)
Twilight / You’re in love – Kon Remix (Ubiquity Recordings)
Children of Zeus / Tonight (Unknown)
Phony Ppl / End of the niGht (Phony Ppl LLC)
DJ Day / A place to go (7T5 Music)
Khruangbin / Evan finds the third room (Night Time Stories)
Ginger Root / Call it home (Acrophase Records)
Kyoto Jazz Sextet / We Are One [Blue Note]

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