WW Tokyo: Toshio Matsuura with HAAi and Noah live from WIRED HOTEL Asakusa ‐ Worldwide FM

WW Tokyo: Toshio Matsuura with HAAi and Noah live from WIRED HOTEL Asakusa


Toshio Matsuura presents his fortnightly two hour music program, WW Tokyo. One of the founding members of the U.F.O. (United Futures Organisation), Toshio has remained a leader in the Tokyo nightlife scene for years.

WW Tokyo is live from WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA.

Toshio Matsuura is joined by HAAi, Australia born – London based DJ/producer who is currently touring Asia, and Noah, Japanese artist and composer who has just released a collaboration project KWAIDAN with US based producer teams and Japanese photographer/beat-maker Repeat Pattern.


Often calling on heavily percussive and primal records “that bring out strangely strong reactions in me,” HAAi is well versed in house, techno, afro, acid and disco, as well as more unusual worldly sounds. Now a few months into her residency, the Aussie is in her element and able to keep the floor locked to a groove for hours on end. “Playing a longer set definitely allows you to become more experimental,” she reckons of her expertly loose yet infectious sets. “They allow you to build real trust and lay down much more interesting trips.”

HAAi’s monthly show Coconut Beats explore psychedelic sounds from around the globe. With each episode focusing on a specific country or region, as she does with her Coconut Beats party series, she spotlights upcoming artists from each place she sonically visits.



Noah is a Japanese artist and composer. Since she spent her childhood in an idyllic and snowy place in Japan, the environment always had a significant influence on her style, and continues to do so today.

Noah has been producing since Winter 2009. 2011 proved to be a watershed year for Noah. She won a flau remix contest (the “Cokiyu / Your Thorn” Remix Contest). This win gave her the confidence she needed and resulted in her being signed to flau (her first label).

Noah has absorbed various music scenes, and uses her lively singing style and piano playing experience gained from practicing daily since she was a child to create beautiful sounds. She mixes subtle classical piano and minimal static loops with urban hip-hop and R&B flavor. Her unique sound consists of mixture of adult sophistication and childlike abandon, her voices and chorus has whisper side like her label mate Cokiyu and Cuushe, on the other hand feels Jessie Ware’s smoke-hazed.

The most recent project is KWAIDAN, collaboration project with US based producer teams and Japanese photographer/beat-maker Repeat Pattern. It is collection of reverb soaked harmonies leaning on a couch of field recordings and heavy drums all accompanying the vocals of flau’s Noah. Songs referencing Japanese folk tales about ghosts and spirits presented, not in the usual tone of a ghost story but rather, in a romanticised air of normalcy and matter-of-factness.

Listen now Tracklist

Kamaal Williams / New Heights [Black Focus]

Black Thoughts & Salaam Remi / Conception [Passyunk Productions / Human Re Sources]

Overmono / iii’s Front [Whities]

Skee Mask / Flyby VFR [Ilian Tape]


Noah – Dune [Flau Records]

Noah – Do You Remember [Flau Records]

Noah – Flexion [Flau Records]

Noah – (interlude drφm) [Flau Records]

Noah – Ascension feat. Siddiq [Flau Records]

Port St. Willow – Ordinary Pleasure (Noah Remix)

Nemui PJ – Pockets [Flau Records]

Teams + Noah + Repeat Pattern – 茶碗の中 [Flau Records]

Teams + Noah + Repeat Pattern – 夜露 [Flau Records]

Noah – Back

Noah – Twirling

Noah – La noye e


Andrew Wasylyk / Greendrive #2 [Athens of the North]

Dean Blunt / Somalia Park [World]

Blood Orange / Smoke – Remix [Domino]


////// Haai Guest Mix //////


Mickey Pearce – Low

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