WW Tokyo: Toshio Matsuura with Midori Aoyama and Mayu Amano live from WIRED HOTEL Asakusa ‐ Worldwide FM

WW Tokyo: Toshio Matsuura with Midori Aoyama and Mayu Amano live from WIRED HOTEL Asakusa


Our weekly Japanese rotation takes us to Tokyo’s Asakusa district with presenter Toshio Matsuura at the controls. WW Tokyo is live from WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA.

Toshio is joined by Mayu Amano and Midori Aoyama for this week’s show.

Mayu Amano

A Tokyo-based fledgling DJ, who seeks to create ambient and hypnotic spaces through soundscape. Her musical interests are deeply rooted in her continuous desire to discover new culture, movement and ideas.

Midori Aoyama

Tokyo-based Midori Aoyama is a DJ, producer, and party organiser forming bridges between Japan and the international underground music scene. His long-running party EUREKA! has brought a wide range of respected artists to many of Tokyo’s nightlife venues over the last ten years.

Listen now Tracklist


The Heliocentrics – Sirius B

Daedelus – Deep in Concentration



/////// Mayu Amano DJ Mix ///////

Jonas Meyer – Uppehåll

Sun Ra – Space Loneliness #2

Thomas Fehlmann – Treatment

Steve Reich – Six Marimbas

Ulf Lohmann – PCC

Kuniyuki Takahashi – Into Small Hands

Piano Interrupted – Bulbus

Frederic Galliano – Plis Infinis N°2

Barre Phillips – Mountainscape I

Shankar – Paper Nut



Cruisic / Inspector Norse -Slowly Remix

Esok / Am-Mudegg Edit



/////// Midori Aoyama DJ Mix ///////

Skymark – Open Our Eyes To The World – Neroli ‎

Rasmus Faber Presents Platina Jazz – Genesis Of Aquarion – Victor ‎

奥山みなこ – 雨音 – Flower Records

Lay-Far – Sun – Eureka!

Children of Zeus – The Heart Beat Pt 2 – First Word Records

Matthias Reiling – Ouija Dub – Pen & Paper

Pablo Valentino feat. Simbad – Space Tribe – Eureka!

Unknown Artist – Walkin & Stalkin – Planet Sundae

Detroit Swindle – The life behind things (Isoul8 Remix) – Heist Recordings

Jazztronik – Samurai – Especial Distribution



Leroy Burgess & Saving Coco – Work It Out (Dub)

Eric Kol – Let The Music Play

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