WW Tokyo: Toshio Matsuura with Akiko Kiyama and Kenichi Aono live from LAND Seafood @100BANCH ‐ Worldwide FM

WW Tokyo: Toshio Matsuura with Akiko Kiyama and Kenichi Aono live from LAND Seafood @100BANCH


Toshio Matsuura presents his fortnightly two hour music program, WW Tokyo. One of the founding members of the U.F.O. (United Futures Organisation), Toshio has remained a leader in the Tokyo nightlife scene for years.The theme of the first Monday of the month is New Ears, where Toshio invites local talents to showcase the sounds of Tokyo.

In this episode, Toshio celebrates Toshio Matsuura Group’s new project  LOVEPLAYDANCE with Kenichi Aono, BEAMS RECORDS director, who wrote the liner notes for the album. He is also joined by Akiko Kiyama, an internationally acclaimed dance music producer and head of her own label, Kebko Music.


Kenichi Aono

Kenichi Aono, creative director for the Institute for BEAMS and director of BEAMS RECORDS, is also a DJ, selector and an established writer on music, film, art and culture. He wrote the liner notes for LOVEPLAYDANCE, the new album from the Toshio Matsuura Group.


Tokyo-based Akiko Kiyama is an internationally acclaimed dance music producer, having played at venues across the globe including London’s Fabric, Berlin’s infamous Panorama Bar, Moscow’s Arma17. She is also the head of her own label Kebko Music, which focuses on releasing avant-garde music embracing the whole range of techno, jazz, experimental music, field- &live- recordings and classic music. In November 2017, she was a guest on the Brownswood Basement show from Tokyo, which you can listen back to here.

This show is live and open to the public, with Toshio taking the energy of Tokyo in real time and broadcasting it to the world with his eclectic music selection.

WW Tokyo is hosted by seafood restaurant LAND Seafood, located in brand new multicultural space 100BANCH. The old warehouse building has been renovated to be a cultural hub, and is one example of how South Shibuya is becoming a new spot for creatives.


Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month 10AM-12PM GMT/7PM-9PM Japan

LAND Seafood @100BANCH

Address: 100BANCH 1F 3-27-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Listen now Tracklist

Shuttle358 – edule [12K Music]
The fin. – Heat [Unknown]
Drummotive – Coral [Next Phase]
Aalko – Body & Soul [Kebko Music]
Denseland – Monkk [Mosz] (Chunk)
Mystical Weapons – Mechanical Mammoth [Chimera Music] (Mystical Weapons)
Baba Vanga – Unknown [Unknown]
Aemong – DEAD GHOST [Unknown]
Bucketheadland – Bogwitch part 2 [Buckethead Pikes]
Andrea Ferlin Introduces Cem & RG ‎- Can’t Stop Coughing [White Label]
Eril Fjord – Va lj Ko dde [Unknown]
Regina Spektor – I Want To Sing [Regina Spektor]
Denseland – Frozen Chunk [Mosz]
Plaid – Ishus [Beat Records]
Sean Lennon – Jimmy’s Theme [Chimera Music]
Sean Lennon – Fortenbras [Chimera Music]
Bravo Litva – Lula Kebab [Rellrock Music]
Can – Spray 50:46 [Unknown]

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