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WW Tokyo with Toshio Matsuura


Toshio Matsuura // 05-12-16 // 8AM-10AM GMT

Toshio Matsuura, the founding member of United Future Organization (U.F.O.) and the leader of Japanese club culture, joins Worldwide FM! His 2 hour musical journey is titled “WW Tokyo”.

“My mission,” explains Toshio Matsuura “is to introduce modern eclectic music and the latest music culture from Tokyo. I’m so excited to be able to share my music with the Worldwide family and their listeners around the world, and am really looking forward to creating my own WW Tokyo vibe!”


Minoru Muraoka – Soul Bamboo [United Artists Records] // Japan
Les Baxter, His Chorus & Orchestra – Zambezi [Capitol Records] //USA
Pedro Santos – Sem Sombra [Polyson] // Brasil
Max Roach With The J.C. White Singers – Let They People Go [Atlantic] // USA
Randy Masters And Solar Plexus – Children of Bahia [Evidence Music International] // USA
The Sound of Feeling – Hex [Limelight] ‎/ USA
The Detroit Experiment – Enterluud [Planet E]//USA
William Parker & Hamid Drake – Black Cherry [AUM Fidelity] // USA
4Hero – Blank Cells [Talkin’ Loud] Creating Patterns // UK
Bird in the Night / Daisuke Yoshioka & The Express [Todoroki Jazz Record]// Japan
On N’a Rien a Faire / Pierre Barouh [Disc’AZ] // France
Vince Guaraldi – Skating [Fantasy] //USA
Janko Nilovic – To And Fro [Editions Montparnasse 2000]// France
Jef Gilson – valerie’s Waltz [Jazz Man] // UK
Dave Liebman – Your Lady [ECM Records] // Germany
Jamie 3:26 & Masalo -Testify [Local Talk]// Sweden
Theo Parrish- Leave The Funk [Sound Signature] // USA
United Future Organization – Flying Saucer [Talkin’ Loud]
Atjazz-Wind & Sea [Diversions] // UK
Yussef Kamaal – Lowrider [Brownswood Recording] // UK
Nick Holder ‎- Da Sambafrique [GNP Crescendo] // USA
Buffalo Brothers – String Theory [Buffalo Brothers Records] // USA
Sayonara Blues – Hideo Shiraki [King Records] // Japan

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Toshio Matsuura