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WW Tokyo: Toshio Matsuura


Toshio Matsuura presents his fortnightly two hour music program, WW Tokyo. One of the founding members of the U.F.O. (United Futures Organisation), Toshio has remained a leader in the Tokyo nightlife scene for years.

For this show, Toshio presents two hours of deep cuts from his home studio in Tokyo.

Listen now Tracklist

Junko Onishi – Lush Life [Somethin’coo]
Mammal Hands – Three Good Things [Gondwana]
Chassol – The Troup (Nola Cherie) [Tricatel]
King Krule – Biscuit Town [XL]
Nai Palm – Atari [Sony]
30/70 – Slangin [Rhythm Section]
FloFilz – Lucie [Chillhop]
Florian Pellissier Quintet – Fuck with the Police [Heavenly Sweetness]
Second Direction – Storm Flute [Trend]
Dudley Moore Trio – Song For Suzy [Atlantic]
Melanie De Biasio – Afro Blue [PIAS America]
Ron Francis Blake – Mr. Bond/Half and Half [Ron Francis Blake]
Ezra Collective – Space Is The Place [Enter The Jungle]
Funkallisto – Saturday Night Dogs [Express Yourself]
Melraw – Think Of One [Universal]
Ra Toth & The Brigantes Orchestra – Nico’s Bass [New Interplanetary Melodies]
Step Time Orchestra – Jazz Error NYC [Fly By Night]
Jaxx Madicine – No Mystery [Local Talk]
Hogni – Moon Pitcher [Erased Tapes]
The James L’Estraunge Orchestra – Autumn Falls Master [BBE]
Kiasmos – Blurred -Bonobo Remix [Traced Tapes]
Teme Tan – Coups De Griffe [PIAS]
Okada Takuro – Garasubin no Irony [Hostess]
The Cactus Channel – Storefront [Hope Street

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