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WW LA: Leaving Records Drop-In with Jamire Williams, Chassol, Carlos Niño, Matthewdavid & Kiefer


The WW LA crew teamed up with Leaving Records to record some exclusive live collaborations in the Stones Throw Studios. Here’s what went down across the four hour session.

Leaving Records is a Los Angeles-based label established by Matthewdavid and Jesselissa Moretti in 2009, initially focusing mainly on cassette releases.

Running order:
Jamire Williams and Chassol – live exclusive
Jamire Williams, Chassol & Carlos Niño – exclusive improvised session
Kiefer – exclusive improvised session
Matthewdavid – chats with Kiefer + DJ set
Carlos Niño and Matthewdavid – exclusive live melding
WW LA’s Jonathan Rudnick in conversation with Carlos Niño and Matthewdavid
Devonwho – DJ set

Jamire Williams
Jamire Williams
introduces the world to ///// EFFECTUAL – the masterful avant-drumming album conceived, recorded and produced across multiple planes of specific studio environments and percussive configurations. EFFECTUAL enlists Chassol, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, GB and the exploratory Carlos Niño.

Jamire Williams ©Kristian Ranker

Christophe Chassol is a pianist, composer, arranger, musical director and author of many unclassifiable works including those he calls Ultra-Scores.
Chassol hands ©Kristian Ranker
Carlos Niño
Los Angeles heavyweight Carlos Niño is an exalted producer, composer, percussionist, DJ, ensemble orchestrator and mentor who has traversed the multitude of music scenes the city has birthed within the last two decades.
Carlos Nino ©Kristian Ranker
Californian keyboardist and beatmaker Kiefer gives a live performance of excerpts from his debut LP Kickinit Alone. Kiefer is also part of the touring Mndsgn live trio.Kiefer ©Kristian RankerMatthewdavid
Matthewdavid is a Leaving Records founder and forward-thinking steward of modern New Age music.
Matthewdavid ©Kristian Ranker

Devonwho is a producer based in Los Angeles, making melodically-driven synthesizer beat music. He presents a 40 minute DJ mix.

All Photography Kristian Ranker

Listen now Tracklist

Jamire Williams x Chassol (Exclusive live WW LA session)

Jamire Williams x Chassol x Carlos Nino (Exclusive live WW LA session)

Kiefer (Exclusive live WW LA session)
Improvisation of “Kickinit Alone” just out on Leaving Records

Matthewdavid DJ set
Doobie Sisters – New Bouncy [White label] // US
$3.33 – Draft 1 [Leaving Records] // US
Seiho – Ballet [Beat Records] // Japan
Yuk – Collage [Leaving Records/ Vinyl Only] // US
Banana – Live [Leaving Records] // US

Carlos Nino x Matthewdavid
(live percussion + supplemental textures)

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