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WW Oslo: Bugge Wesseltoft with Bafana Nhlapo, Bendik Baksaas, Øyunn and Madame Gandhi


Norwegian Jazz pianist Bugge Wesseltoft joins forces with his esteemed friends, presenting the history and unique energy of the Oslo music scene over the last 25 years. This is the second instalment of WW Oslo from cultural hub Kulturhuset.

This show includes a feature on festival OsloWorld, an eclectic music festival featuring artists from around the globe. Bugge also spends the session with young, upcoming artists from Norway.

Bafana Nhlapo

Bafana Nhlapo is a South African Johannesburg vocalist and has recently released his debut solo album, Ngikhumbule Khaya.

Bendik Baksaas

Bendik Baksaas is a young emerging electronic artist merging jazz, spokenword and tradititional music in his sets. Bendik presents a set of inspirations from his time spent during a month inland Norwegian valleys.


Øyunn is a superb young female drummer and vocalist presenting her work for OsloWorld festival.

Madame Gandhi

LA based Madame Gandhi (M.I.A) plays a DJ set featuring inspirations and a some of her new material.
Listen now Tracklist

Bafana Nhlapo – Useben Zi [Jazzland]
Bafama Nhlapo – Prayer [Jazzland]
Bendik Baksaas – Seine Sviv [Unreleased]
Øyunn – Spek Up [Unreleased]

Madame Ghandi DJ Set
Konono No. 1 – T.P. Couleur Cafe [Crammed Discs]
Elvis Crespo – Suavemente (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix)
Unknown – The Future Is Female (Shiva Remix)
Beyonce – Drunk In Love (Diplo Remix)
MC Brinquedo – Roca Roca (Flying Buff Trap Remix)
Nitty Scott – Pxssy Powah!
Pvunch Young M.A. – Brooklyn Everywhere
Alicia Keys – Fallin (Trap Remix)
M.I.A – Double Bubble Trouble [Interscope]
Princess Nokia – TOMBOY [Rough Trade]
Rhianna – Btch Better Have My Money (Diplo Remix)
DJ Taj – Needed Me (Remix)
DJ Taj – I Ain’t Sorry (Remix)

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