WW Canada: Toronto special presented by Lexis // 22-02-17 ‐ Worldwide FM

WW Canada: Toronto special presented by Lexis // 22-02-17


Lexis (Music Is My Sanctuary) is surveying the Canadian scene and alternating between Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver with through a series of shows.

During this special Lexis travels to Toronto (recorded at the DIAS gallery) to host a few of the city’s most important artists and music heads. This special four hour is filled with plenty of new productions, interviews and mixes.

New production and interview with Jesse Futerman
Session and interview with Nick Holder
Lido Pimienta feature
Mix and interview with Skratch Bastid
Mix and interview with Aki (Cosmos Records)



Lexis is the founder of the Music Is My Sanctuary website and collective. For the past 15 years, Lexis has been a pillar of the Montreal scene, and has toured internationally.

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Canadian-based producer Elaquent is certainly no rookie in the thriving beat scene, known for his smooth, soulful style and off-kilter, neck-break beats.

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Lido Pimienta


Lido Pimienta jumps back and forth from electronic beats, analog synths and Afro-Colombian rhythms to chanting – one of the most prolific song-writers, lyricists and improv virtuosos of her generation.

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Skratch Bastid


For 15 years, Canada’s own Skratch Bastid has been spreading his skills and name around the world, one sweaty crowd at a time. He first started at DJ competitions like DMC, ITF, and Scribble Jam, and has now become a show favourite.

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Nick Holder


Nick Holder is a DJ & producer from Toronto, Canada and the owner of DNH Records. One of the most respected producers in the history of underground house music, Holder’s recordings span a sound range from deep disco vibes, to minimal Chicago-style house.

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Jesse Futerman


Toronto stalwart Jesse Futerman is a producer on the rise – he has tracks out on labels such as Jus Like Music, Church (One For Falafel King) and Local Talk’s OneOffs.

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Aki (Cosmos Records)


Aki is the founder of the legendary Cosmos Records, a vintage vinyl record store located in downtown Toronto. Open since 1998, it has grown into 3 locations, Cosmos EAST, Cosmos WEST, and Cosmos LONDON (UK).

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Listen now Tracklist

Simbad – NuWhat [Apron] // UK
Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Sunset Village [Invisible City Editions] // Canada
Jeancy – U Turn Me On [Invisible City Editions] // Canada
Jesse Futerman – Eyes open [Unknown]
Jesse Futerman – By the river of styxx (ft Shawn Lee and Brandon Miguel Valdivia) [Unknown]
Jesse Futerman – Gem [Church] // UK
Jesse Futerman feat. Byron The Aquarius – My Favourite Merchant [Church] // UK
Jesse Futerman – Be Free (ft Stacey Shopsowitz on bass) [Unknown]
Jesse Futerman – Ice Thin remix [Unknown]
Elaquent – Good karma [HW&W] // US
Elaquent – Far Away [HW&W] // US
Elaquent – Eargasm [Unknown]
Elaquent – Parallel [Urbnet] // Canada
Elaquent – Ginseng [StillMuzik] // France
Elaquent – The Love [HW&W] // US
Elaquent feat. Ivan Ave – Oatmeal [Urbnet] // Canada
Elaquent – I Don’t Wanna Know [HW&W] // US
Elaquent – Montreal Poutine [StillMuzik] // France
Elaquent feat. Esta – Aurora [Urbnet] // Canada
Elaquent feat. Budamonk – Shibuya [Urbnet] // Canada
Elaquent – Child’s Play [K-Tel] // Canada
Elaquent – Gyoza [Urbnet] // Canada
Nick Holder – Feelin’ Sad [DNH] // Canada
Nick Holder – Sometime I’m Blue [Studio !K7] // Germany
Trackheadz – ? [Unknown]
Nick Holder feat. Sacha – Time [NRK Sound Division] // UK
Nick Holder – A Word From Mr Prince [Deep & Roll] // France
Nick Holder – Summer Daze [NRK Sound Division] // UK
Nick Holder – No More Dating DJs (Pete Rock Main Mix) [NRK Sound Division] // UK
Nick Holder – Missing You
Lido Pimienta – Quiero Que Te Vaya Bien [Self Released] // Canada
Lido Pimienta – La Capacidad [Self Released] // Canada
Mbongwana Star – Malukayi [World Circuit] // Congo
The Tamlins – Baltimore [Taxi] // US
Skratch Blastid Feat. Shad – Limoncello [Self Released] // Canada
Redd Holt Unlimited – Do It Baby [Paula Records] // US
Raw Silk – Do It To The Music [West End] // US
Milton Hamilton Crystalized – My Love Supreme [Disko-Mania] // US
K-Def – Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time [Redefinition Records] // Canada
Dee Dee Sharp Gamble – What Color Is Love [Philadelphia International Records] // US
Unknown – Unknown
Unknown – Unknown
Unknown – Unknown
Joy – The Time Is Right [Sonshine Records] // US
Unknown – Unknown
Barry White – Playing Your Game, Baby (Unknown Cover) [Unknown] // US
Unknown – Unknown
Unknown – Unknown
Henry Wu – Deep In Mudd [Eglo] // UK

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