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WW Madrid: Iberian/Cuban Especial


Lovemonk present a sweaty Madrid instalment with a focus on the rich Cuban scene in the city that kicked off in earnest during the late 80s and 90s when musicians arrived en masse from Cuba to Spain.

Recorded with thanks at Radio ME Madrid Rooftop Bar.

Interviews and insights come from three Cuban musicians, from three different generations, who have guided and become a backbone to the Latin and jazz scenes in Spain. Toronto based Battle of Santiago talk Cuban emigration and Madrid based record digger, DJ and promoter Javi Bayo, does a guest mix picking songs recorded in Madrid by Latin American musicians based in Spain.

Señorlobo, Lubacov and Duncan Ballantyne represent Lovemonka small but eclectic label based in Madrid. Manuel Machado is a trumpet player from Santa Clara in Cuba and was a key member of Irakere, toured extensively with Celia Cruz, Chucho Valdez & Paquito de Rivera and has been part of various mainstream musical projects in Spain. Joining him on the sofa are Ivan “Melón” Lewis, a pianist, producer and leader of the Cuban Swing Express in Spain and saxophonist Ariel Brínguez who plays with Irakere and  Chucho Valdés Battle of Santiago are a troupe of Canadian based ‘inmigrantes’, many from Cuba, who blend Afro Cuban ceremonial music with electronica, noise, jazz and rock. Javi Bayo has been an active member of the Spanish underground scene for over 20 years, being responsible for some of the best club nights in Madrid when it comes to deep soulful sounds. 

Listen now Tracklist

Djs Señorlobo & Lubacov:
Chip Wickham – Shamal Wind [Lovemonk]
Ariel Brínguez – The L.R. Experience (feat. Kumar & Michael Olivera) [Ariel Brínguez]
Orquesta Riverside – En Casa del Trompo No Bailes [Areito]
Iván “Melón” Lewis – Montuniana [Cezanne Producciones]
Manuel Machado – Danzón Para Caridad [Machado]
Iván “Melón” Lewis & The Cuban Swing Express – Elige Tú Que Canto Yo [Cezanne Producciones]
Alfredo Valdés Jr – CheChé Kiriwá [Camajan]
The Gigoletto Brass Band – Guaracha Bonita [Lovemonk]

Javi Bayo:
Waldo de los Rios – Folklore Dinámico [Hispavox]
Candeias – Sambaiana [Discos Mediterráneo]
Brasil Aquarius y Luis Antonio – S/T [Ariola]
Adolfo Waitzman – Eso… Llamado El Cordobés [Erika]
Marquez – Color de Caramelo [Hispavox]
La Banda Salsa – Pan con Salsa [Epic]
Elkin & Nelson – Jíbaro [CBS]
Jayme Marques – Africa Brasil te ma [Marfer]

Djs Señorlobo & Lubacov:
Battle of Santiago – Aguanileo [Made With Pencil Crayons]
Bejo – Mucho [Bejo]
Gecko Turner – Limón en la Cabeza (Instrumental) [Lovemonk]
Manteca – Afro Funky [GRC]
Jean Luc Barbier – One For Hakim [Bridge Records]
Sabu Martínez – Hotel Alyssa Souse, Tunissia [Grammofonverket]
Martín Buscaglia – Cerebro, Orgasmo, Envidia, Sofia [Lovemonk]
Black Nylon Corporation – Love From Outer Space [Enlace Funk]
Gilberto Gil – Toda Menina Baiana [Wea]

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