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WWFM LA – Garth Trinidad

We celebrate our much anticipated Worldwide FM launch in Los Angeles with a 6 hour broadcast headed up by Jeremy Sole. Jeremy is joined by Garth Trinidad for a truly worldwide selection.

Listen now Tracklist

Jamire Williams – Collaborate With God (Miguel Atwood-Ferguson string mix) A Tribe Called Quest – Comrade Tokyo (Epic) US
Hot 8 Brass Band – Keeping It Funky
Harleigh Blu & Starkiller – Killing My Heart (Alpha remix) Tru-Thoughts UK De La Soul – (AOI) US
Omar – I Want To Be (Freestyle) UK
Sidibe – Everything I Wouldn’t Do (SR) US
Doc Mastermind – A trip to the Stars (Tokyo Dawn) US
Stan Smith – Diso Technic – Music From the Stars (Tokyo Dawn) US Gabriel Garzon Montano – The Game (Stones Throw) US
Dayme Arocena – It’s Not Gonna Be Forever (Brownswood)
Justin Jay presents Ulf Bond – Brother Pino (Bunny Tiger) DE Lakuta – Rice and Peace – Dorylus remix (Tru Thoughts)
Body Language – Martyr
Akufen – Death of a Mascot
Nicola Cruz – Puente Roto (Siete Catorce remix) (ZZK Records)

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