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WW Paris: Philippe Cohen Solal re-opens the doors of the Hash Club, a journey through the Paradis Artificiels


As part of our Fete de la Musique celebrations, this show explores a variety of live performances provided by the artists that Gotan Project‘s Philippe Cohen Solal invited during his Hash Club of Paris two months ago.

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Featuring Maia Barouh, Marie Modiano & Peter Von Poehl, Chassol, Féloche, Marina Cedro, Olaf Hund, Élodie Bouchez and Tété, guests took the opportunity to create a unique live session by reading poems and mixing old records of French poets.

The history behind Hash Club

In 1844, Charles Baudelaire and Théophile Gautier, two french poets, created the Hash Club, a monthly rendez-vous where some of the most talented artists, writers and poets (Victor Hugo, Eugène Delacroix, Alexandre Dumas) gathered, eating hashish jam called dawamek in order to access artificial paradises. Those parties, fantasias took place in a beautiful mansion in the center of Paris: L’Hôtel de Lauzun.

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Lat March, for Paris Music Festival, Philippe Cohen Solal reopened the doors of Club de Hachichins, in the exact place where it happened, where Baudelaire lived and wrote some of his most famous poems such as ‘L’invitation au voyage’. Philippe shared the stage with musicians and actors to experiment intimate shows inspired by this legendary place and by the XIXth century’s french poetry.

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It also became an opportunity for Philippe to create a whole piece of music – soon known as the album Paradis Artificiel, based on poems by Baudelaire and texts from Théophile Gautier. The first single ‘Le Parfum” has just been released and the forthcoming album will be available next fall.

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Listen now Tracklist

Intro: Audio from “Wonderful Oriental Arabic Chill Out Music”

Philippe Cohen Solal – Le Club des Hachichins [White Label] // France
Marie Modiano – Graham Greene (Live) // France
Marie Modiano – Searching for Pearl (Live) // France
Marie Modiano – Twilight Rhapsody (Live) // France
Olaf Hund – Hash Club Experience (Live) // France
Philippe Cohen Solal – Le Parfum + Perfume Exótico [White Label] // France
Maia Barouh – Isotopes [General Pattern] // France
Maia Barouh – Aluku [General Pattern] // France
Ibrahim Maalouf – Hashish [Mi’ster Productions] // France
Marina Cedro – Puse Un Hechizo En Vos [¡Ya Basta!] // Argentina
Marina Cedro – La Noche De Los Lapices [¡Ya Basta!] // Argentina
Philippe Cohen Solal – Harmonie du soir
Chassol – Improvisation on the Rhodes (live) // France
Chassol – Improvisation on “La Musique” by Léo Ferré (live) // France
Chassol – Improvisation on “You were in love” extract from “West Side Story” (live) // France
Chassol – Improvisation on “À une passante” by Léo Ferré
Prix Choc (live) // France
Extract from Paradis Artificiel read by Élodie Bouchez (Live)
Parfum Exotique read by Élodie Bouchez (Live)
Féloche – Silbo [¡Ya basta!] // France
Féloche – Darwin Avait Raison [¡Ya basta!] // France
Philippe Cohen Solal – L’invitation Au Voyage [White Label] // France
Tété – Pierrot Lunaire (Live) // France
Tété – À La Faveur De L’Automne (Live) // France
Philippe Cohen Solal – Dawamesk [White Label] // France