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QC Radio: King Hippo with Luke Titus, Chandeliers, Sean Owens


QC Radio is a weekly look at the creativity flowing through the City of Chicago. We’ll hear from Chicago-based musicians, DJs, record stores, journalists, labels and parties. This season is curated by broadcaster, event producer and member of the International Anthem family, King Hippo.

This is the final show of Worldwide FM: Chicago, Season One. They are ending the season in true QC Radio with a live session recorded at Dorian’s featuring Luke Titus (drums/ vocals), Brian Sanborn (guitar), Parker Grogan (guitar), Julius Tucker (keys) and Mike Cantella (bass). Tune in to hear lots of music from the Chandeliers and, naturally, they’ll have records spinning – this time by the hands of Sean Owens, who was behind the boards and the reason every episode this season sounded so good.

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Luke Titus LIVE at Dorian’s for Worldwide FM:

Luke Titus – drums/ vocals

Brian Sanborn – guitar

Parker Grogan – guitar

Julius Tucker – keys

Mike Cantella – bass

In Conversation: King Hippo with Luke Titus


Lightning Orchestra – White Tiger (Chandeliers “Bankrobbers Remix”) [Acid Jazz Records]

Songs For Gods (Brenner/Kalis/Yohanan) – Just Cause [Unreleased]

Medicinal Brew (Chandeliers) – I Don’t Trust My Car [Unreleased]

Chandeliers (Armstrong / Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – Saturnday [Potions Music]

Chandeliers (Armstrong / Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – Cruisin [Potions Music]

Lisa Armstrong – New Limbs [Unreleased]

Smart Cousin (Chris Kalis) – Bet You Never Ever [Unreleased]

Michael Columbia (Kalis / McDonnell / Ryan) – Literal Cougar [Unreleased]

Chandeliers (Brenner / Jugle / Kalis / McGaughey) – Gold Rush [Pickled Egg/ Obey Your Brain]

Scott McGaughey – DVD Menu [Shmee Records]

Chandeliers (Kalis / McGaughey) – Pharaoh’s Fury [Captcha Records]

Michael Columbia (Kalis / McDonnell / Ryan) – Stat #2 [Unreleased]

Chandeliers (Kalis) – Power Lunch [Potions Music]

Chandeliers (Brenner / Jugle / Kalis / McGaughey) – Le Corsage [Captcha Records]

Chandeliers (Armstrong / Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – High Diamond [Potions Music]

Chandeliers (Jugle) – Heavy Traffic [Captcha Records]

Chandeliers (Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – Oramunde [Unreleased]

Chandeliers (Armstrong / Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – Freeway [Unreleased]

Chris Kalis – Ess Chop [Unreleased]

Chandeliers (Kalis / McGaughey) – Shiny Glass [Unreleased]

Chandeliers (Brenner / Jugle / Kalis / McGaughey) – Big League [Pickled Egg / Obey Your Brain]

Chandeliers (Brenner / Jugle / Kalis / McGaughey) – Candy Apple [Captcha Records]

Harry James – Kid Icarus [Potions Music]

Chandeliers (Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – Tony Cuzzoni [Unreleased]

Chandeliers (Kalis / McGaughey) – Essex [Unreleased]

Sinkane – Runnin’ (Chandeliers Mix) [DFA Records/ Phonica Records]

Chandeliers (Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – Singularity [Captcha Records]

Chandeliers (Armstrong / Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – Snake Bomb [Captcha Records]

Songs For Gods (Brenner/Kalis/Yohanan) – BOSS [Potions Music]

Chandeliers (Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – Ginger Jack [Captcha Records]

Chandeliers (Kalis / McGaughey) – Shiny Beef [Unreleased]

Buffalo Stance – Buffalo Phone [Obey Your Brain]

Michael Columbia (Kalis / McDonnell / Ryan) – Maid of Metal (Kalis edit) [Unreleased]

Brenner / Kalis – Analog Grey [Unreleased]

Songs For Gods (Brenner/Kalis/Yohanan) – Duster [Unreleased]

Chandeliers (Armstrong / Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – Meridian Council [Potions Music]

Chandeliers (Kalis / McGaughey) – Sea Bugz [Unreleased]

Chandeliers (Armstrong / Brenner / Kalis / McGaughey) – Slow Jazz [Unreleased]

In Conversation: King Hippo with Chris Kalis and Lisa Armstrong of Chandeliers

Sean Owens:

P’Taah – Surrendering [Ubiquity]

Linkwood – R.I.P [Prime Numbers]

Rob – Just One More Time [Mr Bongo]

Mellow MadnessStruggle of Life (Kenny Dope 45 Mix) [Kay-Dee Records]

Marius Cultier – Ouelele Souskai [Fiesta]

A Bossa Eletrica – Beleza Nao Vai Embora [Raw Fusion Recordings]

Mad Honey – Treasure Every Sunset [Space Grapes]

Maze feat. Frankie Beverly – Time Is On My Side [Capitol Records]

Alice Clark – Never Did I Stop Loving You [Mainstream Records]

Buddy Miles – Dreams [Mercury]

The Counts – Rhythm Changes [Westbound Records]

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