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QC Radio: King Hippo with Dustin Laurenzi’s Natural Language, Mississippi Records


QC Radio is a weekly look at the creativity flowing through the City of Chicago. We’ll hear from Chicago-based musicians, DJs, record stores, journalists, labels and parties. This season is curated by broadcaster, event producer and member of the International Anthem family, King Hippo.

This week we welcome Dustin Laurenzi‘s Natural Language to celebrate the release of their new record ‘A Time and a Place’ on Chicago’s Woolgathering Records. The session was recorded live and made especially for WWFM featuring Dustin Laurenzi on saxophone, Charles Rumback on drums, Jeff Swanson on guitar and Mike Harmon on bass. Mississippi Records’ label bosses, Cyrus Moussavi and Gordon Ashworth, share a special guest mix covering the past and the future of the label, including unreleased and upcoming music. King Hippo closes the show with recently released and recently reissued favourites.

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QC Radio 002

Dustin Laurenzi’s Natural Language – Recoded live for WWFM

Conversation with Dustin Laurenzi

Mississippi Records Guest Mix by Mississippi Records label heads, Cyrus Moussavi and Gordon Ashworth – “Dusty Anti-Jams for Tired Old People”:

Edna Galmon Cook – Warfare [Nashboro]

Clara Rockmore – Water Boy [Mississippi / Bridge]

Toots and the Maytals – Bam-Bam [BMN]

Henry Thomas – Railroadin’ Some [Mississippi / Little Axe]

Laethe Eller – Way Up In The New Bright World [Mississippi]

Kalama’s Quartet – Kaena [Mississippi / Olvido]

Unidentified group – Kuda Lumping [Mississippi] 

Frank and His Sisters – Kufotoa Foto [Mississippi]

Joseph Spence – Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer [Mississippi] 

Bill Withers – Liza [Sussex]

Rev. Lonnie Ferris – Peace In The Valley [Mississippi] 

Delma Lachney & Blind Uncle Gaspard – La Danseuse [Mississippi] 

Michael Majozi – Sengihambile [Mississippi / Olvido]

Nancy Dupree with Group Of Rochester, NY Youngsters – Cold [Mississippi] 

Marisa Anderson – Trinity [Mississippi]

Bo Weavil Jackson – Fight On, Your Time Ain’t Long [Paramount]

Marika Politissa – Tzivaeri Manes [Mississippi / Olvido]

Kostas Bezos and the White Birds [Matia Plana – Mississippi / Olvido] 

Brother Theotis Taylor – Swing Low – [Mississippi]

El Hadj Hamadou Kanazoe – Madhou [Mississippi / Bazaar]

Lonnie Holley – Like Hell Broke Away [Jagjauwar] 

Mahmoud Ahmed – Ney Denun Teseh [Mississippi]

Angel Bat Dawid – No Space Fo Us [International Anthem]

Yaseen & Party – Lala Mpenzi [Afro7]

Sawadogo Abibou – Ina Wedi Sann De [Mississippi / Bazaar]

The Space Lady – Fly Like An Eagle [Mississippi]

Bodikhuu – De Janeiro [Farsi] 

Gurdjieff / De Hartmann – Persian Song [Triangle]

Dragging An Ox Through Water – Sparrow Command [Mississippi / Eggy] 

The Range Rats – The Two Of Us [Mississippi]

George Mukabi – Daudi Nyanza [Mississippi / Olvido / Raw Music International] 

Body & Ruth May Rivers – Soon One Morning [Mississippi] 

Kankawa Nagarra – Yanany Baliba [Mississippi / Flippin Yeah]

John Ondolo – Tumshukuru Mungu [ASL]

Louis Moholo Octet – You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me [Otoroku]

King Hippo Recently Released and Recently Re-Issued Favorites:

Etuk Ubong – Spiritual Change [Night Dreamer] (2020)
Oaagaada – Oag-ada [We Jazz Records] (2020)
Josh Johnson – Nerf Day [Northern Spy Records] (2020)
Nubya Garcia – Inner Game [Concord Jazz] (2020)
Manfredo Fest – Facing East [Far Out Recordings] (Re-Issue 2020)
Kahil El’Zabar – Jump And Shout (For Those Now Gone) [Spiritmuse Records] (2020)
Jimi Tenor – Ki’igba [Philophon] (2020)
Martial Solal – Un Train vaut mieux que deux tu l’auras [Underdog Records] (Re-Issue 2020)
Ambiance – The Arrival [BBE] (Re-Issue 2020)
Admas – Anchi Bale Game [Frederiksberg Records] (Re-Issue 2020)
The Descendants of Mike and Phoebe – Coltrane [Everland Music] (Re-Issue 2017)

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