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QC Radio: King Hippo with Coupler, megiapa and Jana Rush


QC Radio is a weekly look at the creativity flowing through the City of Chicago. We’ll hear from Chicago-based musicians, DJs, record stores, journalists, labels and parties. This season is curated by broadcaster, event producer and member of the International Anthem family, King Hippo.

Coupler is the pseudonym of Ryan Norris and a rotating cast of collaborators, it’s membership has occasionally swollen to eight musicians, but its core is Norris and a maelstrom of ideas. Coupler recorded this set exclusively for Worldwide FM and features Norris joined by Michael Hilger.

Commanding a wide spectrum of emotions, megiapa uses her palette to paint scenes of the upper regions of space with crisp lines and deep, warm colours. Her mix for Worldwide FM is a collage of past, present and future works.

As usual, King Hippo shares a mix of recently released and re-issued favourites.
Jana Rush’s creative output began at the age of 10 and saw her produce a record shortly after on the legendary Chicago house label, Dance Mania. Her style is said to “encompass offbeat takes on house, footwork, techno, jungle and ambient, with drum pointillism that recalls drill and bass”. Rush shares a mix that includes new music of hers and reveals new directions in her work.

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