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Kate Hutchinson with Dino d’Santiago


Monthly show from Kate Hutchinson, Guardian music and culture journalist, broadcaster and DJ from London. She is also the former Clubbing Editor at Time Out and is still waiting impatiently for the fidget-house revival.

This month Kate is joined by one of Portugal’s most exciting artists, Dino d’Santiago, whose music blends the ancestral sounds of his Cape Verdean roots with contemporary R&B, Afrobeats and club sounds. He’s currently in London recording his third album with broken beat hero Seiji and swings by the studio with some of his favourite tracks in the funana genre – Cape Verde’s accordion-driven rebel music – and to talk about everything from working with Madonna to the new. wave of Portuguese global pop stars, like Pongo and Mayra Andrade. Plus there’s new music from Nicola Cruz, Daniel Haaksman, Laima, Bullion, Sotomayor and Baronhawk.

Listen now Tracklist

Antonio Sorrentino – Luna Lù [Unknown]
Two Lone Swordsmen – Shack 54 [Rotters Golf Club]
Nicola Cruz – Aima [Forthcoming]
Your Planet Is Next – Believe [Studio Barnhus]
DJ Havaiana – Cazukuta (Daniel Haaksman edit)
Dino D’Santiago – Nova Lisboa [Sony]
Laima – Disco Pregnancy [DEEWEE]
Running Hot – Ishq Awalla Kar Gaya Chalan (Edit) [Forthcoming]
Foodman – Kazunoku [Highball Records]
Bullion – Hula [PIAS]
Dino D’Santiago – Brava (Carta Pra Tereza) [Sony]
Os Turbarões – DJosinho Cabral [Sons d’Africa]
Bitori – Bitori Nha Bibinha [Analog Africa]
Ferro gaita – E si Prodi [Electrik Blue Records]
Mayra Andrade – Tan Kalakatan [Columbia]
Azagua & Rapaz 100 Juiz – Labanta Cabo Verde [Xintidu]
Sotomayor – Sin Control [Wonderwheel Recordings]
Baronhawk – Temporado Tornado [Forthcoming]

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