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Kate Hutchinson with Nicola Cruz


Monthly show from Kate Hutchinson, Guardian music and culture journalist, broadcaster and DJ from London. She is also the former Clubbing Editor at Time Out and is still waiting impatiently for the fidget-house revival.

This month, Kate’s show has an air of the mystical as she is joined by Andean techno producer Nicola Cruz, whose music invokes the landscapes and rituals of his homeland, Ecuador. Cruz brings in some folk influences, old and new – as well as what’s in his record bag right now and some unreleased music of his own – and discusses his journey from electronic unknown to smashing over 5m views on Boiler Room. Plus Kate plays field recordings by surrealist film-maker Maya Deren and philosopher Ursula K. Le Guin from around the world, alongside new music on a Brazilian boogie, dubby disco, Afro-electro, Aborigine reissue and ambient house tip.

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Ursula K. Le guin & Todd barton. – A Teaching Poem [Freedom To Spend]
Vania Bastos – Tabu [Velas]
Barbatuques – Biana [MCD]
Waak Waak Djungi – Mother, I’m Going [Efficient Space]
Andi Otto – Bow Wave (Nicola Cruz Remix) [MULTI CULTI]
Derrick Harriot – Dub Whip (Love International 1) [Love International Recordings]
Khaleb Feat. Shabaka Hutchings & Tommoaso Cappellato – Dense [On The Corner]
Sudan Archives – Nont For Sale [Stones Throw]
Mbaya Ritmos – Asali [Shango Records]
Inconnu – Ghede Nimbo (Mahi) [Poppydisc]
Jako Maron – Batbate Maloya [unknown]
Pilgrims Of The Mind – Airplane [Interchill Records]
Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton – Heron Dance [Freedom To Spend]

Nicola Cruz//

David Tapfuma – Magamba [Nyami Nyami Records]
Susobrino – Sirinka [Global Hybrid Records]
Joaquin Cornejo – Tuneless [Unreleased]
Hermanos Navarrete – Runa Suerte [Unknown]
Richard Horowitz – Eros Never Stops dreaming [Freedom to Spend]
Nicola Cruz – Jocotoco Antpitta [Rhythm and Roots]

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