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WW Daily: Erica McKoy


Our Daily show, hosted by Papaoul (Gabriel Francis) on Mondays and Fridays and Erica McKoy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In one hour, catch up with the latest sessions, music, news and guests in our flagship WW Daily show.


Snoop Dogg – Let Bygones Be Bygones [Doggy Style Records]
Dufresne – This Song was Appropriated [Mandarin Dreams]
Somni – Grown Into You (quickly, quickly Remix) [Friends Of Friends]
Tiana Khasi – They Call Me [Soul Has No Tempo]
Anna Wise – Nerve [White Label]
Sio – Subtexts (Poem) [STY TRU BTS]
Theo Parish – Love Triumphant [Sound Signature]
Lavan – Sorry Miss Jackson [Wah Wah 45]
Jazzuelle – Matric Mechanics [White Label]
Same Speed Edits – Ursula’s Samba [White Label]
Krzysztof Komeda – Theme From Rosemary’s Baby (Jazz Vocal Version) [Harkit Records]

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