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WW Berlin: Alex Barck with Project Mooncircle and HHV Records


Fortnightly show from Berlin, hosted by Alex Barck, exploring the city’s vibrant music scene and nightlife, featuring exiled and original Berliners bringing live mixes and interviews.

For this show Alex welcomes electronic music label Project Mooncircle and the hands behind record store HHV Records.

HHV Records

In Berlin, you can’t be digging without knowing about HHV Records. Beginning as a small record store in Berlin-Friedrichshain, HHV has developed into one of the leading online vinyl retailers and has gone on to form its own imprint, with over 600 eclectic Hip Hop and Beat releases. Talking to Alex about the HHV story, is original member and label head, Ronald Seibt.

Project Mooncircle

Also joining the airwaves, is founder and CEO of Project Mooncircle, Gordon Gieseking. Project Mooncircle is a division of the HHV label and operates in the left-field sphere of electronic music. Originally opening its doors back in 2002, the sub-label has allowed musicians and label operators to create releases according to their own taste.

Listen now Tracklist

May & Robot Koch – Gold (Naturboy Flako Remix)

1954 – Madame Toulouse (Project Mooncircle)

My Panda shall fly & Mau’lin – Push E.P. (Project Mooncircle)

Pavel Dovgal – The Aura (Project Mooncircle)

Nuage – Every PPL (Project Mooncircle)

Rain Dog – Miss you (Project Mooncircle)

Groeni – Teething (Project Mooncircle/Promo)

Kid Kanevil ft. Phasma – Inakunaru (Project Mooncircle)

Kafuka – Variance (Project Mooncircle)

Submerse – No need for z (Project Mooncircle)

Moonsoonsiren – MASO (Project Mooncircle)

Cyne – Steady (Project Mooncircle)

Barrio Lindo – El Airo (Project Mooncircle)

40 Winks – Outside the Box (Project Mooncircle)

Jitwam ft. Henry Wu – somethingtochewon (HHV)

dude26 – Broken Pieces (HHV)

Lord Folter – Liebe Zeit (HHV)

Onaknwn -Scenes (HHV)

Trettman – Geh ran (HHV)

Tusken & Flitz&Suppe – Kobe (HHV)

DJ Yung Vamp – Blessing (HHV)

T9 – Mein Freund (HHV)

M. Rux – Someone Else (Pigmalio Remix) (HHV)

The Grouch – Mr. Invisible (HHV)

Berlin Zoo – And The Is (HHV)

Shacke One – Fötte (HHV)

Smif-N-Wessun – Sound Bwoy Bureill (Wreck Records)

Tha God Fahim – Grapes Of Math

Wun Two & Hubert Daviz – Transbordador (HHV)

AzudemSK – Ich bin bereit (HHV)

Kan Kick – The Finer Things (Mean Street)

Devaloop – From The Bits To The Cosmos (HHV)

A Cat Called Fritz – Rock Outta Space (HHV)


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