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Fortnightly show from Berlin, exploring the city’s vibrant music scene and nightlife, featuring exiled and original Berliners bringing live mixes and interviews.

Lucifour M

Lucifour M is a four-piece band whose multifaceted and multidimensional music features many references to cinematic works. Thus, the four musicians point to parallels between the stylistic devices of director Bruno Dumont and their own musical approach which they like to resume as follows: “It’s like standing on the verge of abyss, as if peering deeply into the eyes of the impossible.” Furthermore, the story behind the development of the band’s name has strong connections to the film “Lucifer Rising” by director Kenneth Anger. Still, the band mentions Pink Floyd’s song“Lucifer Sam” as main inspiration when it comes to the foundation myth of Lucifour M.All this reveals how wide the band’s cosmos is and how much they defy classic genre associations. Additionally, the quartet’s name works as an allusion to the fact that all our members’ forenames start with the letter ‘M’.

The two musicians Michele Ducci and Marco Frattini have already been playing together as “M+A” for a while when they had the chance to perform as opening act for Bryan Ferry at Glastonbury Festival. It was there in the backstage that the idea of founding Lucifour M as a full band came into being when Ducci played new sketches of songs to Frattini. In the further course Michele Manzo (bass, guitar and keys) und Mattia Dallara (samplers and keys) should come to the project and complete the band as a quartet. The main recordings of Lucifour M’s debut EP “L4M” which will be released on Sonar Kollektiv in September 2019 have been made in spring 2018 within the scope of three extensive studio sessions where the four have recorded live versions of their jamming and playing.

Subsequently, they further edited these parts until all the music material connected organically as two full concept EPs. All four members of the band can count on a solid and strong experience in both production and live performances.

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