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WW Berlin: Alex Barck with Get Together


Fortnightly show from Berlin, exploring the city’s vibrant music scene and nightlife, featuring exiled and original Berliners bringing live mixes and interviews.

Get Together is a brand new label / collective from Berlin made up by an international array of artists in the field of music, art, performance, photography and film. The collective debuted with a various artist vinyl series this summer; exploring a wide spectrum of styles in House together with some experimental Hip Hop beats. The GTVA series includes emerging artists such as Cody Currie, Felipe Gordon, Scissorwork, Ferdinand Domes and Shy Time aswell as some undiscovered talent. The well received release is tailored for DJ’s – providing them club tracks, for warm ups, peak times and after hours. 

For their debut appearance on Worldwide FM they will bring along the crew for a taste of their various artist release and a peak into future releases. Live appearances from producer / rapper Imaginary Friend and Jazz singer Riah Knight and DJ sets from Cody Currie, Ferdinand Domes and Jasper Sala.   

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