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WW Berlin: Alex Barck with DJ Sotofett


Fortnightly show from Berlin, exploring the city’s vibrant music scene and nightlife, featuring exiled and original Berliners bringing live mixes and interviews.

For this episode, Alex is joined by DJ Sotofett.


DJ Sotofett

DJ Sotofett is with his wide span collaborations, productions & myriad of aliases the most releasing artist from Norway for more than a decade and a half. With his brother, the Sex Tags Mania (2004) label sees the home of left-of-center approach to traditional club music while the Sex Tags Amfibia (2005) platform outlets typically-alternative projects in the vain of dub/reggae, ambient, experimental, jazz & rock.

The – less profiled but more active – Wania (2010) imprint is home for vinyl releases coming mostly from his own studio, while many DJ Sotofett productions can also be found on Laton, Keys Of Life, Acido Records, Honest Jon’s, Fit Detroit & m.m. befriended labels.

As a DJ for nearly two decades, the musical source is simply rooted in the past five decades of dance & leftfield music. Whether it’s unexpected, unconventional, straight, or unreleased music it’s mostly presented as all-night or very lengthy sets.

Listen now Tracklist

Dislocation Dance – San Michelle (Rough Trade, 1983)

Harvey Sutherland – Amethyst (Clarity, 2018)

Stanley Clarke – Vulcan Princess (Nemperor, 1974)

Albanian Pavillon (Michael Taussig) – Displacements (apparent extent, 2016)

Brandi Ifgray – Mono (Puu, 1999)

DJ Sotofett – Amfibia 28 (DEMO)

DJ Sotofett – This Heat (DEMO)

Ralph Lundsten – Iona / Cosmic Girl (EMI, 1975)

Santana – Aspirations (CBS, 1974)

Domingo Cura – Juana Azurduy (EM Records, 2012)

Flammer Dance Band – Lordag kveld (Lyskestrekk Records, 2018)

Jimi Tenor – Peaceful Maelstrom (Herakles Records, 2016)

John Handy – Young Enough To Dream (ABC Records, 1976)

Gato Barbieri – Bahia (Flying Dutchman, 1971)

DJ Sotofett & Maimouna Haugen – Les Aventure (Honest Jon’s, Promo 2018)

Eddie Harris & Les McCann – Shorty Rides Again (Atlantic, 1971)

…some more Eddie & Les in the background…

Jimi Tenor and Kabukabu – Suite Meets (Kindred Spirits, 2012)

The Elektro Robotik Dub Orkestra – Spanish Omelette (Ariwa, 1984)


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