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Open Library: DJ Deep


Open Library is a tri-monthly show which invites listeners into DJ Deep‘s virtual music library. Expect a two hour journey exploring soul, funk, jazz and dub through to home listening interludes, ambient and forward thinking electronica, and back to house and techno.

This first show sees exclusives from DJ Deep himself and Romain Poncet aka Traumer, including their forthcoming edit of Carl Craig’s Borderlands remix on Tresor alongside new material under their Sergie Rezza project and cuts from Roy Ayers, Henri Texier, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Call Super, Kraftwerk, Vainqueur, Heiko Lux, and more.
Listen now Tracklist

Sergie Rezza – Eclipse [Sergie Rezza records]
Johan Johanson – Kanguru
Henri Texier – Quand le Blues s’en va »
Call Super – Ekko Inc [Hessle Audio]
Shadow – Together Dub
King Errisson – Space Queen
Eddy Hendricks – Intimate Friend [Tamla]
The Last Welfare Records – Juice Box [Planet Sundae]
Ghettohousedrummachine – My Own [Infinite Pleasure]
Mike Dunn – Work it [More About Music]
De La Soul – Genesis [AOI Records]
Vainqueur – Solanus [Tresor]
Sergie Rezza – Calé Sergie [Rezza Records]
Paul D Gillman – Red Earth [Sacred Rhythm]
DJ Deep – Thai [Kaoz Theory]
Edits from the Tribe – Rub Hot [Edits From]
Roy Ayers – Running away [Polydor]
Shina Williams – Agboju L’ogun [Strutt]
Fade II Black – In Synch [Fragile]
Kraftwerk – More Fun to Computer [Warner Bros]
Heiko Lux – Dark Fader [Klockworks]
Mirko Loko feat Ursula Rucker – It’s like [Comet Traxx]
Borderland – Transport (Carl Craig remix, Dj Deep and Romain Poncet rework) [Tresor records]