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Open Library: DJ Deep


Open Library is a monthly show which invites listeners into DJ Deep‘s virtual music library. For this two hour journey, DJ Deep explores Ambient, Afro Soul, Funk, Jazz and Dub together with forward thinking Electronica, House and Techno.

DJ Deep: “Within this show I tried to present a range of different musical styles, from one of the new Jon Hassell tracks on Nyeda Records through to the amazing Hugo LX remix of Rick Wade’s ‘Authentideep’, not to mention deep Jazz cuts such as “Salaam” from the new Kamal Williams album and Joe Armon Jones’ “Starting Today” on Brownswood.”

Listen now Tracklist

Steven Legget – Forte [Firecracker Recordings]
Jonathan Fitoussi / Clemens Hourrière – Oeil [Versatile Records]
Kuniyuki Takahashi – Ai Iro [Music From Memory]
Jon Hassell – Dreaming [Ndeya]
Chip Wickham feat. Matthew Halsall – The Mirage [Lovemonk]
Joe Armon-Jones – Starting Today [Brownswood Recordings]
Aston “Family Man” Barret – Soul Constitution [Dub Store Records]
Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Whenever You’re Ready [CBS]
John Lee Hooker – Make It Funky [ABC Records]
Jimi Hendrix – Who Knows [Polydor]
Paul McCarney – Darkroom [Parlophone]
Pete Knutsen Orchestra – Boys on the Field [Moving Music]
The Bayara Citizens – Freedom Suite (Setting Ourselves Free) [Sacred Rhythm Music]
Vangelis Katsoulis – The Eternal Return [Into The Light Records]
The Mystic Jungle Tribe – Sun Flares Ascension [Periodica Records]
TWINS – Glass Breaks Glass [2MR]
SERGIE REZZA – Le Reveil [Sergie Rezza]
Pierre Bastien & Eddie Ladoire – Phantom Dance [Versatile Records]
Ish – Don’t Stop [T.K. Disco]
Stiletti-Ana – Cymbals [Haista]
Rick Wade – Authentideep (Hugo LX Twelve Hundred Mix) [Unknown Season]
Takecha – Low Sentiment (Mike Huckaby Remix) [Love Potion]
Love Company – Love Tempo (Red Greg Remix) [LCM Records]
Kamaal Williams – Salaam [Black Focus]