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Open Library: DJ Deep


Open Library is a monthly show which invites listeners into DJ Deep‘s virtual music library. For this two hour journey, DJ Deep explores Ambient, Afro Soul, Funk, Jazz and Dub together with forward thinking Electronica, House and Techno.

Listen now Tracklist

Eqwell – 7Inch
Ambien Baby – Mari Posa
Priori – Eh Poh Ne
The 4Th Wave – Attention Please
Son Milton – Memory Haze
Call Super And Parris – ???
B12 – Deep Detroit
Douala – 181107
Jorg Kunning – Hibbert
Raff – Cyclops
Kirk De Giorgio – Fragile
Molinaro – Purity
Errel Ranson – Look At The Past
John Beltran – The Lake
Molinaro – Her Theme
Schuttle – Grade 2
Brown Irvin – Locution
Priori – Ani Ma
Detroit’s Filthiest – baby making music
Scan 7 – The Wonder Of Space
Partisan Midi – Phono Abduction
Psyche – From Beyond
Call Super And Parris – Chiseler’s Rush
Hannu Karjalainen – Sermon To The Birds
Quirke – Fluorescent Phlegm