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Emma Warren with Täpp Collective


Monthly show from journalist and broadcaster Emma Warren. On this month’s show, she is joined by a fresh, new musical collaboration Täpp Collective who create music with a dynamic and experimental loop pedal.

Violinist and loop pedalist Beka Reid of Tapp Collective takes over hour two with music from the new artists that surround them and a special live session by Beka Reid and Chantelle Gabriella Jazz. 

Listen now Tracklist

Shingai ‘Love and Affection’

Mansur Brown ‘Jamilla’

Natureboy Flako ‘Lion’s Mane’

The Growth Eternal ‘Los Ojos Que Ahogan’

Rebeka Reid ‘Kaeds’

Matthew Halsall ‘Joyful Spirits of the Universe’

Angel Bat Dawid and Tha Brotherhood ‘Black Family’

Angel Bat Dawid and That Brotherhood ‘Melo Deez From Heab’N’

Duval Timothy ‘Hairs’

Sam Gendel ‘Super Woke Dada’

Divoli S’vere ‘PNK NOISE’

Daniel Avery ‘Lone Swordsman’

ThE DiAboLicaL LibERTieS feat Emma-Jean Thackray ‘High Protection’

Boots Malanga ‘Warrior’s Prayer’

Tapp Collective Takeover

Tapp Collective ‘NKW’

Sawa Manga ‘Unsavoured’

Footshooter ‘Malaika’

Project Hilts ‘Still Here’

Xvngo ‘Idealism’

Francesa T-berg ‘Live At Laylow’

Daryl ‘Colours’

Tracy Sada ‘So Amazing’

Sawa Manga ‘Sunset’

Lizzie Berchie ‘Growth’

Muva of Earth ‘Affirmation’

Chantelle Gabr

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