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Emma Warren with Footshooter and Jelly Cleaver


Monthly show from journalist and broadcaster Emma Warren.

For this month’s lockdown session Emma is joined by primo south London producer Footshooter for a self-isolated interview and tune selections. Guitarist and producer Jelly Cleaver also rings in a few words. Music from Thundercat, Hector Plimmer, Ma Moyo and Baltimore’s Joy Postell plus more.

Listen now Tracklist

Etuk Ubong – Etuk’s Ritual [Night Dreamer]
Footshooter – Malaika ft. Ma.Moyo [Dance Regular]
Thundercat – Black Qualls [Brainfeeder]
Joy Postell – Back and Forth [Je Chante]
Forest Law – New Thoughts New Eyes [Brownswood Recordings]
Hector Plimmer – Joyfulness ft. Alexa Harley [Albert’s Favourites]
Prequel – I Tried To Tell Him [Rhythm Section International)
Ahmed Ben Ali – Subhana [Habibi Funk]
Johanna Burnheart – Forever Dance [Ropeadope]
Gary Bartz and Maïsha – Leta’s Dance [Night Dreamer]
Jelly Cleaver – What Is Understanding
Tenderlonius – Think Twice [22a]
Derrick May – Kaotic Harmony [Mayday]
Sinewave – Join The Future [Banquet Records]
Footshooter – Portals ft. Izzy Risk and Slam The Poet [Famous Friends]
Footshooter – On Telegraph Hill [YAM]
SAUL – Earth & Rain ft. Poppy Ajudha [Rhythm Section International]
Footshooter – Lay ft. Natty Wylah [Dance Regular]
Footshooter – Slipped Back ft. Izzy Risk [Dance Regular]
Brother Portrait – y.o.u
Romaal Kultan – Everlasting Romance
Lex Amor – Pink

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