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Drummers Inc: Malcolm Catto & Valentina Magaletti // 14-02-17


Our weekly Drummers Inc show is a chance to explore our favourite drummers’ work and influences. This week we are joined by Malcolm Catto of the psych collective the Heliocentrics, and Valentina Magaletti, drummer of Tomaga, Raime and Vanishing Twin, and formerly for Bat for Lashes.

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Listen now Tracklist

Dave Pike – Sandunga [CuBop] // US
New Swing Sextet – My Favourite Things [Cotique] // US
Vanishing Twin – Untitled [Unreleased]
Jacques Loussier – Ballade Dans Paris La Nuit [Decca] // France
Hanna Mekonnen – Ali New Biye (Alternative Version) [Eastern Connection] // Thailand
Egisto Macchi- Aggressivita’ [Ayna] // Italy
Stefano Marcucci, Luciano Bellini – Inferno [Flower] // Italy
Peter Thomas – Coordinates Meeting [Golden Ring] // Germany
Bruno Nicolai – Rendez-Vous [Gemelli] // Italy
M. Zalla – Attivita [Black Sweat] // Italy
Zeitkratzer – Turtleneck [Kirschbier] // Japan
Group – The Feed-Back [RCA Italiana] // Italy
Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano – Molto Alto [Akarma] // Italy
The Battered Ornaments – Smoke Rings [Harvest] // UK
The Orient Express – Azaar [Mainstream] // US
Mysticae – India [Cometa Edizioni Musicali] // Italy
Mads Emil Nielsen – Distance [arbitrary] // Denmark
Ivan Lins – Cartomante [EMI] // Brazil
Magma – Malaria [Philips] // France
Francesco Curra – Non mi parlare di Rivoluzione [Ultima Spiaggia] // Italy
Telectu – Very Good Vibes [Ama Romanta] // Portugal
Chico Hamilton – El Toro [Impulse!] // US
Tomaga – The Shape Of The Dance [Hands In The Dark] // UK
Midori Takada – Catastrophe Σ [RCA Red Seal] // Japan
Mutamassik – Long Beards [Discrepant] // UK
Broadcast – Violent Playground [Warp] // UK
Mr Chop – Wasp In A Jar [A.P.E.] // UK
Christian Zÿsset – Thème N° 3 Medium Free-Jazz [Mondiophone] // France
Alan Lee – Dance Of The Adolescents [Jazzman] // UK
Luis Agudo – Sol De Amanha [Red Record] // Italy
Etubom Rex Williams & His Nigerian Artistes – Ererimbot Afayung Oko [Philips] // Nigeria
Claude Bivoua – Telema Angola [Sonafric] // France
S. Montori E G. P. Chiti – Guerriglia [Cometa Edizioni Musicali] // Italy
MFU – Training Day [Unknown]

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