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CoOp Presents: Selectors Assemble with IG Culture, EVM128 & Shy One


A monthly show with Selectors Assemble, a growing collective of DJs producers, artists, movers and shakers that assist projects connected with CoOp presents and beyond.

For this show, host IG Culture welcomes crew members EVM 128 and Shy One.

Listen now Tracklist

Jessica Lauren – The Name Of Fela [People] // UK
Myron – We Can Get Down [Island Records] // US
Opaque – Ice [Unknown] // Unknown
Kabuki – Tempest (Atjazz Remix) [Head To Toe Records] // UK
Duke Hugh – Believe [Unknown] // Unknown
Gonzi – Soul Occupation [CDR Records] // UK
IG Culture – Mr Lekeia (Demo) [Unreleased] // UK
James Rudey – Port Funk [Unreleased] // Unknown
The Sun of Sound, Alex Phountzi, Henry Wu – I Can’t Hold [namebrandsound] // UK
DIDI – Unknown [Namebrandsound] // UK
Noodles – First Time [Dat Pressure Record] // UK
Unknown – Unknown (IG Culture Remix) // UK
Omar – Vicky’s Tune (The Reflex Don’t Stop Remix) [Freestyle Record] // UK
Syncro – Girl [Unknown] // UK
Kondi Band – Geibai Gpanga Ne Gna [Strut] // US
Coupe Decale DJ Venum Edit [Dub] // Unknown

Shy One Mix
Theo Parrish – Dark Patterns [Sound Signature] // US
Unknown – Unknown [Unknown] // Unknown
Stef Ringer aka REKchampa –
K15 – Movements of Joy [Wild Oats] // UK
Alison David – One Last Look (Domu Remix) [BitaSweet] // UK
D’Angelo – Left & Right (Rework) [Exclusive Forthcoming on Black Current Records] // UK
Wookie – Jaguar [ManChu Recordings] // UK
Henry Wu – Good Morning Pecknaam [Rhythm Section] // UK
1221 Dunn – Fire Restless Soul (Aint no smoke) [FireWorx Recordings] // UK
Unknown – Unknown [Unknown] // Unknown
Shy One ft Aisha Zoe – Rid of You (Original Mix) [DVA Music] // UK

Profusion – Golden [Unreleased, exclusive EVM128 Remix] // UK
EVM 128 and Shy One – Sweet Plantain [Exclusive Forthcoming] // UK
Grey Matter – Raw Root [Unknown] // UK
Abel Miller and Namebrandsound – Freakinyou [Coop Presents] // UK
Unknown – Unknown
Franksen ft Redux – Charade [Unknown] // UK
MIA and IG Culture – Slang Tang [Unknown] // UK

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