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WW Istanbul: Debora Ipekel with Anadol


Debora Ipekel explores the vibrant music scene of her hometown Istanbul through fresh talent, local diggers, and hidden gems straight out of where East meets West.

Debora is joined by Anadol, an instrumental synth-pop project by Gözen Atila, named after an old-fashioned Turkish automobile brand.

Gözen records with mini organs manufactured during the 70s and 80s. The music is awash with allusions to the moods of old Turkish and European cinema, from the erotic to the melodramatic, and with a reminiscence of the sound and spirit of so-called “tavern music” popular in Turkey’s urban nightlife in the 1980s, a flexible pop style usually performed by a solo keyboardist-singer.
Listen now Tracklist

Anadol – Sekiz Sutuna Sekiz Manset (Eight Headlines For Eight Columns) [Unknown]
Ziad Rahbani – First Introduction [Unknown]
Anadol – Zengin Olur Giderim [White Label]
The Inner Space – Kamerasong [Wah Wah Records]
Drahcir Ztiworoh – Elephant Dance [Ethnotech Records]
Ossian – Rozdzial II [Polskie Nagrania Muza]
Azna De L’Ader – Zalouma [Sahel Sounds]
Habibi – I Got The Moves [Burger Records]
Maximum Joy – Silent Street/Silent Dub [Y Records]
Rasa – Half Man – Half Lion [Lotus Eye Records]
Vasant Rai – Spring Wind [Vanguard]
Bobongo Stars – Maya [RCA]
Brigitte Fontaine – Le Goudron [Saravah]
M.S.M – Roboto Synphonie [King Kong Productions]
Kader – Arabfunk Jazzmix [Day Eight Music]
Paul Hardcastle – Rainforest [Chrysalis]
Alisha Chinoy – Sooni Sooni Raaten Hai [Venus]
Dun Bugun Yarin – Merhaba Moogirgir [Philips]

Anadol Guest Mix //

Egisto Macchi – Citta’ Notte Parte I [The Roundtable]
Eliseo Parra y Mosaico – Cantos De Oficio, Con Julia León Y Otros [Unknown]
Shwei Daung Myaing of Mandalay – Than Ja [Unknown]
Fred Frith – Dancing In Sunrise [Unknown]
Frank Zappa – Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus [Bizarre Records]
Slugbug – Weird Life [White Label]
Elektroherd – Schwarzer Nachtschatten [Baran Records]
Ahmed Malek & Flako – Tape 27 Track 5 [ Habibi Funk Records]
Kosmischer Läufer – Der Traum Des Jungen [Unknown Capability Records]
Sandro Brugnolini – Sensation [Cometa Edizioni Musicali]
Harpo Marx – In a Sentimental Mood [Mercury]
Isao Tomita – Arabesque No. 1 (Debussy) [RCA Red Seal]
B-2 Unit – Thatness And Thereness [Alfa]
Masumi Hara – Kimi no yume [Wax Records]
Hong Kong In The 60s – The Organdy Snood [Proper Songs]
Dominique Guiot – Colin-Maillard [Auvidis]

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