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Winds & Skins with Ece, Donna & Debora


Ece (Love Vinyl), Debora (Sounds of the Universe) and Donna (Brilliant Corners) get together for a monthly show of unrestricted cuts and curious finds from all over the world. Listen with open minds, ears and hearts, ready to stir up the Winds and Beat the Skins.

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Cosmic Sounds London- Space Runner // UK
Arun Ghosh – Greenhouse [Camoci Records] // UK
Hymn – Monument [Chrysalis Records] // UK
Sladjana Milosevic – New York [Jugoton] // Yugoslavia
Prince – Bob George [Warner Bros] // US
Whodamanny – Cosmic Morphology [Early Sounds Recordings] // Italy
Jean-Luc Ponty – Fight For Life [Atlantic] // US
HE3 Project – The Message [Family Groove Records] // US
The Nato – Calling
Lask – Sucht [ECM Records] // Germany
Meridian Brothers – Desesperanza [Soundway] // Colombia
Los Reyes – Adeoey [Egrem] // Cuba
Wareika Hill Sounds – No More War [Honest Jons] // UK
Nina Simone – Westwind (Wonderland Vocal Remix) [Not On Label] // Unknown
Tokyo matt – pi po pa editsu [Hamam House] //
Gaz Naturel – Sabrina
Alfonso Santisteban – Zorongo
International Noise Orchestra – Groovin’ Up Slowly
Sade – Siempre Hay Esperanza [CBS Records] //
Gramatik – Late Night Jazz
Ronald Rubinal – Requiem Pour Agnes
Coco Fabert – Ban Di Fwam [Hibiscus Records] // France
Khaled – Didi [Barclay] //

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